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  1. I'm using a maximum value of a double type to a field of type NumberField, but to take the focus off the field this assuming another value.

    - Before: 99999999999999999999999999
    - after taking the...
  2. Do u can post full code here?

  3. try this:

    <Click Handler="debugger;"/>

    if you are using Chrome or FireFox you need press F12 to access developer place.
  4. Hi,

    I need set to numberfield not remove "0" the left. Ex: 01, but for default with property "TrimTrailedZeros" this component remove or no the "0" to right.

    how can a set to number filed to...
  5. I need this solution too... Anything can help?
  6. paginToolBar.Listeners.BeforeChange

  7. Hi,

    How can i set delay when i click in "Next Page" in the PaginToolBar?

  8. Hi, Thank you for reply again...

    I could to use this way? that correct?

    aba.loader.on("load", function () {
    try {
    Ext.get('maskDiv').addCls('x-hide-display'); ...
  9. Hi Vladimir, how are you?

    All elements are loaded dynamically. Bellow is how i add a new tab.

    var aba = App._tbpAreaCentro.add({
    id: AbaID,
  10. Hi, Thank you again.
    follows the solution... (

    var ShowToolTips= function (tip) {
  11. Someone has any suggestion?? Oo
  12. Hi, how are you?
    Thank you by the reply.

    Unfortunately not work, becouse the method forever return NULL. (var e / node are null, soon not exist node). The '.x-grid-data-row' and 'data-recordid'...
  13. hi,

    How can i define the property "Delegate" and "Target" in ToolTip using as the base TreePanel ?

    I use this Thread as referce but not work.
  14. Hi,

    how can i check if all elements of a tab in tabpanel are rendered or if loadMask that actived/Enable at that moment? Therewith allow only change tabs if all tabs are completely rendered.
  15. Daniil,

    I undestood perfectly.

    thank you again.

  16. Hi, Daniil. How are you? ;D

    Yeah, but i dont wanted mix the thread, becouse the thread[/QUOTE] was resolved.
    This is only a personal question. ;D

  17. How can i do for set true to attribute "ShowHeaderCheckbox" dynamically in client side?

    <ext:GridPanel ID="Grid1" runat="server" StoreID="Store1" Title="Company List" Collapsible="true"
  18. Hi,

    how can i do for measure a width of a string value with ExtJs?

    I need compare the width a column with the width a data(string...).

  19. thank you.. this solution work perfectly too!! ;D
  20. nice... thx
  21. When i set ShowHeaderCheckbox="False" in creating GrdiPanel, how can i do changer client side to "true" when i click in "Show CheckAll" button ?
    I try assigning showHeaderCheckbox to "True", but not...
  22. Hi, good morning.

    Work perfectly...

    thx again.
  23. Humm.. nice.

    I ll test and return with feedback.

    thank you very much and good job. ;D
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