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  1. Hi Fabricio,

    sorry my question wasn't very clear.

    In the cshtml view we have always used s=>s.field to map to the model, i.e. X.ComboBoxFor(s => s.Currency), but I see we can also use...
  2. Hi Fabricio,

    can you please add the link to Vladimir's post.

  3. Hi,

    using EXT.NET 5.0 mvc. GridPanelFor is really useful and a quick way to add a grid.

    How do we add a CommandColumn to the grid when using GridPanelFor? How do we configure the commandcolumn...
  4. Thanks, that worked you can close this thread.

    However, what is the difference between using
    s=>s.html and
  5. Hi Geoffrey,

    can you provide an example how to set the Html property of the panel from the (MVC) model. I've tried to access it from the store, without success.

    Thanks in advance
  6. Hi,

    we are developing a solution to create customer invoices. The invoice is generated as an HTML document. We wish to display the HTML to the user with a button for approval.

    The model has a...
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