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  1. Hello @mtsig!

    The short answer is no, unfortunately we haven't had preparations for a physical book or eBook about Ext.NET 7.

    Our official book release was back in December 2012 and the book...
  2. Hello again, Dan! And thanks for the clarification about the affected Ext.NET version.

    It makes sense and I could reproduce the issue in our online example highlighting the TabCloseMenu plugin.
  3. Hello again, @Hrishi!

    Glad you could find a solution that worked for you, thanks for the feedback!
  4. Hello @Hrishi!

    You have posted in Ext.NET Themes' forum but your question seems not to be theme specific (currently we only have the Spotless theme as our own), but an issue with Ext.NET.

  5. Hello Vamsi!

    In this case you have two "on-top" windows competing for foreground display.

    Try creating a CSS class with a very high (above 10,000 should help) zIndex and assign that CSS class...
  6. Hello Dan!

    Thanks for the heads up. As this potentially uses Sencha's Ext JS internal/private references they may have changed the behavior without notice and we didn't catch this issue in our...
  7. Hello, sorry to hear you haven't been replied yet, and thanks for reaching to us. Your message may have been marked as spam by accident. We are going to take a good deep look and return to you.
  8. Hello Arthur!

    Thanks for making it very clear where the problem sits! This is a breaking change introduced by Ext JS. We delayed this breaking change as much as we could in Ext.NET 4. In fact,...
  9. Alright, Jiri! Thanks for the feedback.

    Let us know if you run into any problems (you know the drill, right? test case advised) and we'll be more than eager to help think your way through it!
  10. Hello Jiri!

    As long as you keep the limitations in mind, you should be good. For instance, using a selection model in the outer grid will potentially interfere with selection in the grid row's...
  11. Thanks for the feedback, Paul, glad it helped you find the best approach to solve the file download functionality!
  12. Hello Paul!

    You probably want to check this forum thread: Download File using DirectEvent

    We answered that very similar question some time ago and we still didn't receive a feedback from the...
  13. Oh, glad it helped, and thanks for the feedback!
  14. Hello @lousberg, and thanks for the follow up! Glad one of the solutions helped or shown the right direction to make your page work the way you needed!
  15. Hello @lousberg! Thanks for the test case!

    Option 1: Exclude what's inside the paging toolbar:

    item.isDirty && item.isDirty() && !item.up().is('pagingtoolbar')

    Option 2: Use ext:FormPanel...
  16. Hello again @mehdy!

    Thanks for clarifying the question. The short answer is no, there's no ext-partial or ext-section components in the HtmlHelpers space.

    By one hand, HtmlHelpers could benefit...
  17. Hello @mehdy!

    Can you elaborate a bit on your follow-up question? I'm not quite sure I get what you want to know.
  18. Hello again @dnakorea!

    Glad you could find a solution for that. If you determine what change in the browser settings caused the problem, please share with us, maybe there is a way to counter this...
  19. Hello @mehdy!

    I am afraid mixing up the two syntaxes is not supported. One reason is that a container's HTML is a javascript escaped string, and not really a full raw HTML code; in which some...
  20. Hello @mehdy!

    The UX components (extra features and components outside base Ext JS ones) from Ext.NET 5 and previous were not ported to Ext.NET 7 yet. We have GitHub issue #1741 tracking this...
  21. Glad it helped, thanks for the feedback!
  22. Hello Arthur!

    Have you verified it is really Ext.NET's behavior that changed, and not the XLS engine you are using? Can you provide a test case compatible with the way you generate, view, and...
  23. Hello, @lousberg!

    Please provide a full simplified test case with the scenario you are trying to reproduce so we can properly give you a solution for the problem.

    Until you can provide a test...
  24. Hello @Hrishi!

    If you take a look at the example we linked, you'll notice the LineWidth property is in the StyleSpec block. So what you want to complete the code snippet you shared is something...
  25. Hello Paul!

    Yes, we internally noticed this problem but at the time it seemed the benefit of live reload outstaged this side effect, which may not really have been a good choice. This is not...
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