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  1. hello, I bought the license for the ext, I sent the email with my details for but not yet received my key.

    I need that much of this key because my project is stopped.
  2. Did you have any progress?

  3. Hi, I tried it, but didn't solved my problem

    I have one "CommandColumn" with "Commands" and I want to hide just one of my "Commands", how could be?

    <ext:CommandColumn Width="115"...
  4. Hi, I'm using the community version to do my final work in university........but in a few years I would like to by the professional license to sell this work.

    what I have to do? My project will...
  5. Yes it works, but for each column line in the grid it will call this funciotn, correct?

    Don't have one way to hide the full column..........if I have one column "Edit" and other "Exclude", I want...
  6. Please helpe me, I need it so much and I have no ideia how to do...

    thanks for attention,
  7. Hi,

    sorry, but how can I do it? because I need do it in server-side and I need to hide or set visible false just in one column of my
    CommandColumn, undestood?


    Users ...
  8. Hi,

    I can not do it at all...........please anyone help me.

  9. Hi Geoffrey,

    thanks, it worked perfectly!
  10. Hi,

    I'm using an ext:TextArea........the code is:

    <ext:TextArea ID="txtAta" AutoEl="={{tag:'textarea',wrap: 'on'}}" Height="100" runat="server" MaxLength="8000" FieldLabel="Ata"...
  11. Hi,

    I don't know if I undestood your doubt.........but try ir


    hope it works.
  12. Hi, I don't know if I understood your question..........but try it

    <ext:Button ID="btnAcoes" StyleSpec="display:none" runat="server">
  13. Is possible set visibile false to a full column of the gridCommand?

    thank you.
  14. try add the reference "using Coolite.Ext.Web;"

    and then do it:


  15. Hi,

    I need change the visibility of a item of the gridCommand, but I need do it in the server-side.

    <ext:GridPanel ID="grdProjetos" Icon="Brick" runat="server" StoreID="strProjetos"
  16. All rigth,

    <div align="left">but the strange thing is that in version 8.1 I wasn't having problems with it. I will come back to the old version (8.1).

    thanks for the reply.
  17. Nobody has the same problem?
  18. Hi,

    I'm with a problem with the FileUploadField........when I choose any item to upload, the path is comming as weel: "C:\fakepath\(filename and extension)"!

    When I was using the version 8.1...
  19. Hi,

    thank worked!

    I thought I had to put the entire path of the project!
  20. Hi,

    weel, the image is in: "C:/Project/Usuarios/Publico/Fotos/FotoW200-H170/1.jpg"

    I use Server.Mappath because if my client puts the project in other directory, I can't know where he puts (the...
  21. Hi, I was using other version, but last week I changed to the 0.8.2 version.

    And the ImageUrl in server is not working.......

    do you have any idea?
  22. Hi,

    I'm trying to set the property ImageUrl in server-side.........but it's not working. The image's path is correct, but it isn't appearing in my page.

    the code in server-side is:

  23. Thread: REGEX

    by hbbazan
    Hello, i have a regex on my textfield, but i dont want only validade but show a mask on it

    Phone Field
    (XX) XXX-XXX

    I'm validating by regex

    <ext:TextField ID="txtTelResid"...
  24. Hi there, i need to put masks on numerfileds like a phone mask
    e.g. (xx) xxxx - xxxx

    but i cant find how i can put it

    <ext:NumberField ID="txtPhone" runat="server" AllowBlank="false"...
  25. Thanks buddies
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