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  1. I tested your last regex and it doesn't appear to match the cases in your requirements.
  2. Hi. Can you provide the regular expression that you are using? The regular expression is used by the component to validate the input, so if the regular expression you are using captures those values,...
  3. What theme are you using?
  4. We are working on the Ext.NET Classic 7.x API documentation right now and will be publishing to as soon as we have available.
  5. Hi Geovision,

    This would just be standard ASP.NET functionality and not directly related to Ext.NET. You should be able to use whatever technique you would use in a non-Ext.NET app.
  6. Thanks for the update.

    As mentioned above, those links in the sidebar menu are not managed by Ext.NET or Ext.NET components, so you can just use whatever technique you prefer. Any page linking or...
  7. In _Navigation.cshtml, replace the <a> tag with the following @Url.Content(...) call:

    // Old
    <a href="@item.Path" class="@(cls)">

    // New
    <a href="@Url.Content(item.Path)" class="@(cls)">
  8. Can you try adding the following path with the ~ application root relative path instead?

    // Existing
    new NavItem("Dashboard", "/", "dashboard"),

    // Revised
    new NavItem("Dashboard", "~/",...
  9. The new Examples Explorer is the best place to see code samples for Ext.NET Classic 7.

    We will be providing the entire Examples Explorer as an open source GitHub repo soon.
  10. Hi. The new Spotless theme will not be supported in Ext.NET Legacy 5.x. We are planning to upgrade Ext.NET Legacy to a 7.0 release, and Spotless will be supported in Ext.NET Legacy 7.0, in addition...
  11. I'm not sure I understand your requirements. Can you demonstrate the scenario? Current result and expected result.
  12. Looks like it might be related to the following issue:

    The issue is fix and will be available in the next release of...
  13. Yes, I believe this should theoretically be possible since both Ext.Net.Classic and Ext.Net.Modern assemblies will have a dependency on the Ext.Net.Core package. I don't think is any way to use both...
  14. Please share your projects Startup.cs file. Before sharing, please remove anything from that file that you feel is confidential, although typically there isn't anything.
  15. I believe the following thread should help, see
  16. We are working on an enhancement that will enable returning a value from the Direct Method.

    public IActionResult OnPostRegister
    return this.Direct(false);
  17. Thread: Sencha

    by geoffrey.mcgill
    Hi @AnFil

    The same Direct Method and Direct Event functionality is included with Ext.NET Classic.

    Here's a very basic sample from the Examples Explorer:...
  18. Thread: Sencha

    by geoffrey.mcgill
    I created a new issue to track the <ext-pivotGrid> component status, see
  19. Thread: Sencha

    by geoffrey.mcgill

    The PivotGrid and Calendar will be available as options. At this point, I'm not if they will be bundled with Ext.NET Pro, but they will be available as Ext.NET components and fully...
  20. We don't have a Chat sample, but this would certainly be nice to have. I have wanted to create a Chat component for a long time.

    I would likely still use SignalR though.

    We don't have the...
  21. Unfortunately, no. At least not at this time.

    Our goal is to work our way through upgrading all the previous Ext.NET Legacy WebForms and MVC samples to Ext.NET Classic, but it's going to take some...
  22. The performance improvement with the new Ext.NET Classic vs the old Legacy (WebForm | MVC) builds is significant.

    We are aware of and have isolated several performance issues in Legacy. We will...
  23. Hi. I took a look and we do not have a sample demonstrating this scenario.

    If you're looking for extra professional services to help on your project, posting a request in the Jobs forum may help...
  24. We have fixed the issue and we can provide a patch release for testing if you email with the request.

    With the next release, no workaround is required and the original...
  25. There is a defect in Ext.NET, but there is also an easy workaround that can be used until the fix becomes available.

    Please make the following revision within your projects Startup.cs file, inside...
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