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  1. Hello,

    Is there any updates regarding this issue?
  2. We are working on an ASP.NET MVC solution.
    We have configured a grouped grid with a command column. We are facing some issues when this grid reaches large amounts of data:
    • The application crashes...
  3. Hi,
    I'm trying to follow the example of multiupload within a grid (Examples Explorer (2.5)) with replacing the "MultiUpload" component with the fileUploadField with the 'multiple' attribute.
  4. Thank you Daniil it works.
  5. Hi,
    I would like to test if textfield is empty but after formpanel rendering getValue() return undefined, this the code bellow:

    <%@ Register Assembly="Ext.Net" Namespace="Ext.Net"...
  6. It is reproducible only in IE(tested against IE 8).
  7. Hi,

    Browser version tested against:

    Menu item goes to the backgound when we display file content in the page. ref 7495

  8. Thank you it works
  9. Hi,

    Browser versions tested against:

    I want to apply a conditional display on fieldset component after formpanel rendering, when I implement fieldset...
  10. Thank you it works.
  11. Hi,

    We are facing a runtime JS errors 'getBoundingClientRect' is null or not an object, 'scrollHeight' is null or not an object when we implement programmatically drag and drop grids into a...
  12. We can load the window using

    var addClick = function () {
    url: "/Research/GenericSwapGridWindow",
  13. Indeed, we are using Ext.NET 1.7
    Tests done with the following browsers:

    IE 8

    Thank you.
  14. Hi,

    We are facing a runtime JS error 'TypeError: is null' when we implement drag and drop grids into a window.

    Steps to reproduce the error:

    - click on the button "Show Swap...
  15. I found a solution, an my master page I just added this code :

    window.document.onkeydown = function (eventRef)
    if ( !eventRef )
    eventRef = event;

  16. Hi,
    Browser versions tested against:
    When typing the ESC key twice. When I do this all form controls lose values. Evething gets cleared.
  17. Thank you it works.
  18. Hi,
    I want to apply this style
    font-weight: bold; on textfield but it doesn't work.
    This is the code used:

    txtField.LabelStyle="font-weight: bold;"
  19. With solution (2), initial rendering is very very fast and indeed there will be a little delay in rendering fieldsets contents. This will not be noticed by the end-user as screen will not be empty....
  20. No user actions are required.
    Solution (1) is based on rendering all fieldsets collapsed and then expand them one by one with no user action.
    Soluton (2) is based on rendering empty fieldsets and...
  21. Hi,

    Thank you for your valuable suggestions.
    Actually, we are thinking of 2 solutions/ways to improve the rendering performance and we will choose one of them based on the time cost and rendering...
  22. Hi,

    Thank you for your quick and details answers, questions and suggestions

    From our side, tests are done on IE8, FireFox and Chrome. indeed, you will not be able to reproduce the 5-12 lag...
  23. Please find below the code sample.


    public class HomeController : Controller
    ToolbarGenerator toolBarGenerator = new ToolbarGenerator();
  24. Hi,

    We have been facing a performance issue on our application where browser rendering is lagging for few seconds (5-12 sec).
    This is becoming very urgent on production environments. A lot of...
  25. Thank you anup, all suggestions are more than welcome.

    Actually, Tests are performed under firefox (no firebug), IE8+ and Chrome.
    Firebug logs were used during this post to help giving as much...
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