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  1. I have a license for
    Licensee : Versabar, Inc.
    License Type : Ext.NET Enterprise (5 Developers)

    I have license key setup in Global.asax
    (and web.config for good measure...)

  2. In the Overlays example
    there is a reference to .Handler(RazorUtils.StringifyTextBlock(
    I cannot find this package RazorUtils???
    Thanks in advance!
  3. I am running Ext.Net.Mobile.MVC 4.10

    I am trying to fill a SelectField's store. I am successful using a List generated and passed as part of the ViewModel and creating a separate store that uses...
  4. That was what I was doing wrong!
    Cyndi Pruett
  5. I am using MVC/Razor to display a webpage with a partial view result based a field in the model.
    I am expecting the fields in the partial view to be part of the FormCollection but they are not...
  6. In my question posted on June 25th - I instituted the solution of adding RenderMode = RenderMode.AddTo when generating a PartialViewResult and everything thing was working perfectly -
    Except the...
  7. Thanks!
    That did the trick...just another example of "how to hold your mouth"
  8. I have a multicombo box and need to clear the selected values.
    all these methods clear the selected values but does not uncheck them in the dropdown list

  9. We have a saying "It is all in how you hold your mouth" meaning the smallest thing will change an outcome...
    In this situation the saying goes
    "It is all in having "RenderMode = RenderMode.AddTo"...
  10. I did discover i can store the values on the part of the formpanel that does appear in the collection by adding an textfield to Edit_Partial.chtml

  11. I have a base form and need to swap out other form elements based on some criteria.
    I am using the Dynamic Partial Rendering-Partial_Content example as a base.
    When posting back only the form...
  12. sorry - it was part of my _baseLayout.cshtml

    function setFilter(filters, filtername, filtervalue, comparisonvalue) {

    var filter =...
  13. Sorry about the delay - finally had enough time to setup an example
    I want to store the user's filters in their session state and pre-populate the filters upon returning to a list function
  14. Thanks for the speedy response and the tip about

    I only need one load event. I am getting at least two...
    If I put a break point in my server side code - I'm hitting the function...
  15. I need to preset the filter values when a page is initially loaded. The problem I am having is I cannot turn off the load request theis generated by setting these filter values.

    I am using...
  16. I am having a problem with an application that uses RowEditing and RowExpander together
    I have included other posts suggestions - but am still having problems.

    I'm created an example using...
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