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  1. Thx for your quick response, I found the problem after reducing my window to the same as yours.

    The problem was that AutoDatabind clears the store but I "need" it in order to use Resource-Files...
  2. hi daniil

    i have improved the code snipplet now.

    don't understand how the store takes place in viewstate-topic. While the store is in ascx-markup a directmethod doesn't clear the store, so on...
  3. Hi,

    i had to encapsulate a grid out of an ascx file into a class in order to use the same grid in different ascx files.

    now on every directmethod of any control anywhere on the same page...
  4. I've a composite field with a Toggle-Button with property "flat" on the right side. I expect the button to have a transparent background but instead it is diplayed as a "normal" button with grey...
  5. The Select-Listener in DateMenu.Picker is broken. you can see this bug in your examples

    can you please tell me when this will be fixed,...
  6. Thank you very much Daniil that saved my day ! You can close it as solved.

  7. Hello guys,

    I`ve a big problem layouting a CompositeField which screws up my form.

    In the page there is a form layout containing some anchors and a composite field within. The composite field...
  8. Hi,

    we`re facing the same issue with 0.8 here.

    It happens randomly and only within Firefox (3.6). Telling our customers to use IE is not a solution for us as our specified target platform is...
  9. Hello vlad,

    that one works very nice thank you very much ! :)

  10. Thank you Geoffrey. I`ve already done some research before and already know the video you`ve posted. But I think you misunderstood me ;-)

    I know overriding the default classes is a way to change...
  11. Hello guys,

    within my ASP application I would like to colorize a tab header of a tab panel with a specific color.

    What I do NOT want to archieve is to apply a custom color to all tab headers (i...
  12. Hi vlad,

    thanks for your answer. I know that it`s basically not supported by Coolite (0.8) to automatically display error messages when unhandled exceptions occur.

    But because i have a lot of...
  13. Hello guys,

    since some time I encounter a very strange behaviour handling exceptions on client-side.

    I have attached a demo project which illustrates my problem.

    There are two buttons on...
  14. Oh, i am very sorry vlad. I`ve found out that I have to include a paging toolbar to make this behaviour happen.

    So here is my updated example which reproduces the problem described above.
  15. Hello,

    after inserting some records in a store and displaying them within a grid which is connected to this store i am trying to perform a sort operation on the grid (by clicking on the grid...
  16. I didn`t know that remote sorting is possible. Thank you very much this helped me a lot !

  17. Hello,

    I`ve just a quick question. Is it theoretically possible to influence the way records get grouped within a GroupingGridView ?

    In my case I want to group all records by a specific field...
  18. Hello,

    I`ve a problem regarding updating records within a store/grid.

    If I add a new record to a grid and then commit it it is submited as a created record to my data handler. That`s ok. If I...
  19. Hello vlad,

    thank you very much all problems solved !

  20. Hi,

    ok i understand. A bit confusing in my opinion but however, now it works like it should. Thank you !

    Just another tiny question: Do you maybe have an idea how to hide the default...
  21. Hello,

    i am having another problem with SVN build 2163 of Coolite (0.8.x).

    I have declared a Grid with a custom view which houses some Coolite fields in it`s top/title bar. By typing values in...
  22. Ok, thank you, I was a bit confused about this because I am working with masterpages only most of time. So my attention didn`t go to ClientIDs of controls which are not in masterpages.

    However, i...
  23. Hello vlad,

    strange, very strange. The ClientId of the tree still is unintialized (therefore it is "CheckTreePanel1"). I only modified the sample posted here as described above (in ComboTree.cs)....
  24. Hello vlad,

    i`ve added the Tree-Control earlier in page lifecycle as you suggested (of course the three is still defined in page markup).

    protected override void OnInit(EventArgs e)
  25. Doesn`t work either.... :-/
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