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  1. Thank you, but with the version 2.x, because this is the example with image.


    I have a big aplication,so, I need to do it with 2.x.

    Thank you
  2. Hi Team How Can I do to I put the items in two columns in a Button with Menu to emulate MultiCombo as example in the URL

    I want to two...
  3. Thanks, please close this thread, I need this property in the Store <"RemoteSort="true">

    Thanks a lot
  4. Hello team:

    I have a issue with a GridPanel.
    I have a filter in one textfield in headerItems in my GridPanel with a function in Javascript in the Change event to filter results in my store, it...
  5. Hi team, I want to reply the example from!/api/Ext.grid.feature.GroupingSummary

    in Ext.Net 2.2.xx, but I have a error in the last column to each group,...
  6. Yes, sure, for example here...

    look the loader is showing before to render the Grid when the button is

    I want to it looks...
  7. Hi Daniil, but I want after load records with a Button, I want to be fully manipulable both GridCommands in any row to disable and enable.

    Thank you.
  8. Yes, I refresh de navigator and had errors, but now Im using use this{
    msg: "loading"
    callback: function () {
  9. Hi team I want to disabled a GridCommand in a specified row, but, with my example I get to disable all GridCommand Column, BY example I want to disable the row number 2 in the GridCommand "Test1".
  10. Thank you Daniil, this is working.

  11. There is not errors, simply it doesnt works
  12. Hello guys,

    I have a trouble with the event mask with listener event of a store, I need to show a Event Mask Before to Load the store, because I show a lot of rows of data, I used the before load...
  13. Hi Daniil, thank you, but I don't want that the user can resize the Ext Window, Could you please to give me other solution?
  14. I have update to latest version (2.5.3) and I get the same problem, I see that in the next line I put a width more large I don't get the problem


    This is the...
  15. Hi Daniil, te version is Ext.Net and the steps are:

    1. Click the "Load Window" button
    2. Click inside the first TextField, it gets a cursor.
    3. Write a text with 8 characters or...
  16. Hi team, I have a problem with a Ext Window, the problem is that I have a Page1 with a Window where with a Button I show a Window with other Page2 with two TextField controls with property...
  17. Yes, it works, thanks
  18. Ok I can sum the values of column, but I do the job in this event

    <AfterRender Handler="GetColumnTotal(this,6);" Delay="2000" />

    this event runs in the grid but I need to put delay 2000...
  19. thank you so much, it works fine for me
  20. It works fine, thank you
  21. This doesnt works, but thanks!
  22. Hello Team, I have a issue with a TextField:

    I have a DirectEvent in the TextField with SpecialKey and I try to call one function in OnEvent when the ENTER key is pressed, but it doesn't works in...
  23. Hi, I have a issue with the GridCommand on the GridPanel

    I have a GridPanel, and I have one Column with 2 Command, but I need only work with one of those, for example, if I Press the first...
  24. I have a trouble, i want to know if the Ext control UploadField can has a filter, that only allow me choose specific extension of the files, for example if i want only upload images the file chooser...
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