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  1. Thank you so much ^^.
  2. Thank you for reply and got so much help from your posts.

    I didn't mean to add AllowMultiple = true ^^.
    Already saw the files and checked it's in there... but not working at the moment.

    So I...
  3. Thank you so much Baidaly.
  4. That works perfectly but we planed to use StoreFor<> to reduce coding.

    Once we define class then we can automatically create model for client side javascript.

    Handling very complex models needs...
  5. "explicitly define this associations in the Model" => can you show me how, please? T_T
  6. The problem is

    in the generated code (below), there is only one association

    idProperty: "Id",
    associations: [{
    type: "hasMany",
  7. It's my first time to write at forum.

    Be nice to newbie, please ^^.
  8. I have a problem with HasManyAssociation Attribute.

    My sample has 7 classes, having associations with each other.

    School HasMany ClassRoom and Club

    ClassRoom HasMany Lecture and Facility...
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