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  1. Thanks Fabricio,

    I solved it with some css.


  2. Sorry to re-open this very old thread.

    But updated my existing project through nuget. It seems that the current latest 1.7.0 build is missing these images again. Am I right ?


  3. Hi Fabricio,

    Thanks for that many info for this small problem. I didn't try it yet. Was just looking at the 3.* example code. Your viewconfig solution works fine for me !

    Have a nice weekend !...
  4. TransformGrid. Missing striperows="true" option
    Hi Guys,

    Probably there's another solution. But converting our 1.* application to 3.* I couldn't find the attribute 'striperows' in the TransformGrid.

    How do I achieve the same functionality....
  5. Hi Fabricio. I will look into that thread...

  6. Hi guys,

    I use a datefield for day of birth. It's for a drivers-license. Here in Holland you can drive from 17 years old so I set the Max date on today minus 17 years. That's no problem ofcourse....
  7. Something weird is going on with the forum layout... (see attachment)Martinmmm.. it seems that uploading attachments is also not working..
  8. Gridwindow.ascx (codebehind)

    public int ShortCutX { get; set; }
    public int ShortCutY { get; set; }

    Gridwindow.ascx (HTML)
  9. Hi guys,

    Using your desktop example. Is it possible the set the x,y position of a shortcut for gridwindow.ascx in the code behind from the desktop.aspx

    I know I can set the X and Y in the...
  10. Hi Fabricio,

    My bad. It works.

    I expected to define the filterRecord like in Ext.NET 2.* .. using that gave me an error.

    Mark as solved.
  11. Hi guys,

    Is there an easy way to get only the filtered gridrecords with grid.getRowsValues() ?

  12. Just came back from my holiday and discovered this. I'm a happy man :)

  13. Thanks Fabio..

    Working with the framework for quite a while, but never used User Controls. I think that's why I'm a little stuck right now. :)
  14. Ok,

    One remark.

    Why can i do this without a problem? When trying the same in the main aspx page what I tried to achieve in a usercontrol.. it works like a charm. I can't comprehend that. But...
  15. Hi Fabricio,

    Thanks for the explanation. I already expected it had something to do with the page cycle.

    I used Ext.Net 1.x to make version 1 of our app and used IFRAMES with seperate aspx pages...
  16. Get Value
    Hi Guys,

    Working on a large desktop project and looking for an answer. Check following files.

    I would like to get the value of Textfield tfTest (Test2.ascx) to be shown in codebehind when using...
  17. Hi Fabricio,

    Thank you for your long anwser. I can work around my second question, so that's no problem. The first question was just out of curiosity. I couldn't comprohend what I was doing :)
  18. Hi guys,

    Trying to use the itemselector, but I have 2 questions in my test app:

    Why do I need to update the selecteditems to show the (still non selected) items in the 'available' box initially...
  19. Hi Guys,

    Can you check your examples website ?

    ** Edit **

    It seems to work again

    ** Edit **
  20. Hi,

    My mistake .. I thought it meant that it sorted 1 to ... (so nicely the right order)

    Please close the thread :)

  21. Hi guys,

    It seems that your Multiselect Drag and Drop reorder examples don't reorder :) (on all different frameworks)

  22. Ok, thanks for the explanation !

  23. Sorry about that.

    Next time will ask new question, but you're right. Why can't I choose every available icon in your collection as a trigger icon ?

  24. Better option. Thanks !

    Still wondering why there are default 'less' icons possible as trigger icon?

  25. Hi Guys,

    Is it possible to make a TextField Icon clickable although the textfield itself is disabled?

    The textfield shows a telephonenumber. I would like to trigger a 'tel: ..' hyperlink when...
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