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  1. code has been wrapped..
  2. Hi,

    I'm facing some issues with Gridpanel pagetoolbar. Paging appears but no effect with GridPanel.

    I'm loading the store at client side using below code.

    var gridStore = new...
  3. Is there any way to make this work in IE?

    IE it Iframe body shows access is denied. Is there any work around for this issue?
  4. In IE8, the Panle.iframe.dom.contentWindow.document is showing "Access is Denied".

    There is no crossdomain problem. SVG is loadibng from the same domain itself. Could you please provide some...
  5. Also please let me know if we can use Ext DomQuery for querying the Panel's iframe
  6. Yes.. It works fine.

    Can I access the XML data of the loaded svg?

    I was using Iframe ealrier and I get the layer data using the below code

    window.currentSVGObject =...
  7. Thanks for the reply. But my SVG is an AjaxRequest's response.. So can I use autoload?
  8. How can I add this SVG dynamically?
  9. attached the fidler screenshots..

    It works fine in IE8.. but when using Chrome getting this issue.

  10. Hi,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Response is a json file . The request is a delphi service. The url has some quesry string... The URL returns the json file.

    DirectMethod.request is also failing.
  11. Hi,

    Please advise how can I load a svg and do some process like changing color of a selected portion on the svg and display data on mouse select..

    Please give some examples ...

    any help on...
  12. Hi,

    I'm using the below ajax call to a webservice and this returns a json file. This works perfectly if I use IE. But in Mozilla n Chrome this is always executing failure condition.

  13. Hi Tony,

    Not sure about the version. But if you download the source code of the n build using visual studio, u will get ux dll

  14. Hi,

    I have a treepanel on my page which i wish to drop in any where on my page. I'm using setPosition method to make it work.

    the control structure is pasted below. Here I'm unable to drop my...
  15. Hi There,

    Floating property for Ext.Panel is not working if we use Collapsible="true"

    IF I use both it gives an exception.

    TreePanel also has same issue.

    This is my control
  16. Thanks Buddy.. This works fine now :)

  17. Thanks for the reply. I'm not passing same ID. This I get dynamically from a tree node. Even I tried giving ID directly more than 1 times. But still same issue
  18. Hi,

    I'm trying to dynamically add tabs to my Tab Panel on tree node click. Each Tab has a user control with in it. This is not adding new tab instead it over write the added one.

  19. Can I invoke a DirectMethod from Client Javascript with some argument passing?
  20. Hi There,

    This is my second post regarding the issue. Somebody pls advise me how to load an SVG content into page using ext.Net.

    I have tried with Iframe but this has some issues as the data...
  21. Hi,

    Have loaded a SVG content using frame. Now need to zoom in and zoom out on button click.. Please help...

    Thanks in Advance,
  22. I'm using html object tag for that. Right now this is loading in Chrome.. But still facing issues with IE8.
    <object id="objDiv" type="image/svg+xml"> ...
  23. Hi,

    I'm new to this Ext.Net. I have a requirement to load an .svg file in my page. Can any one suggest how can I achieve this using
  24. Hi,

    Could anyone advise on this issue.

    I have a simple page with a tree panel. which loads folders from a webservice.

    The code is

    <ext:TreePanel Flex="1" ID="treeView" runat="server"...
  25. Hi There,

    My scenario is to load a tree panel from a webserice which is written in Delphi and returns Json file or XML. I'm having some issues with this,

    I m trying to load using the...
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