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  1. Hi Geoffrey !

    You're right ...

    And all my apologies.

    It's weird ... but maybe I don't test very well the functions.

    I will check twice now before put any post in the future.
  2. Ok ...

    Googling I can figure out how to solve this issue.

    Just set the property readOnly = "", using the document.getElementById tag.

    To set a TextField as a ReadOnly:

  3. Hi there ...

    I have a TextField, with the property ReadOnly set to true.

    If I click on a button, and set the ReadOnly property to false, the TextField remains as ReadOnly (true).
  4. Hi guys !

    Thanks for the quick responses.

    Vladsch, when I call the webservice manually, I can see it OK.

    Geoffrey, I'm agree with you. I also think that it's an issue of security or...
  5. Hi Geoffrey !

    Thanks for the optimization tip !!!

    And yes, the "TreeLoaderService.asmx" is at the same level of the "default.aspx" page. I checked twice before submitting this post.
  6. Hi guys !

    I have a really strange issue with the WebService Loader for a TreePanel. If I run my project with Visual Web Developer, the "default.aspx" page looks OK. The TreePanel loads...
  7. Hi there !

    Again, congratulations for the awesome toolkit that Coolite has become.

    I have a tree panel, that is generated with the "PageTreeLoader" method.

    I'm wondering if it's possible to,...
  8. Hi andyfoxcs !

    I have that problem too.

    What I've done so far is to add attributes to the texfield, so that way the control can be "readonly" without lose the value in an AjaxEvent.

  9. Ok ...

    Thanks Vladsch !!!

    Just what i needed.

    Thank you very much !
  10. Hi guys !

    Is there a Coolite Control that "acts" like an asp:FormView ?

    I need to show one record per page, and with the possibility to move fwd / bwd between all records of the Database.
  11. Hi Mark.Cooke.

    I'm just wonder if you know how to solve this "issue" with de AjaxEvents firing multiple times, when having a Master Page (and a Coolite Script Manager inside it) ?

    When I move...
  12. Hi guys !

    Thanks for the update ...

    I really appreciate all your efforts ...

    Best regards !

    Alfonso Penunuri.
  13. Hi Geoffrey !

    That sounds great !

    In the meanwhile, I use the PageMethods that came with the Ajax toolkit.

    Thanks a lot !

  14. Hi there !

    Is it possible to use Coolite Buttons inside a TemplateField of an asp-GridView ?

    I'm doing somehting like this:

    <asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" AllowPaging="True"...
  15. Douh !

    Sorry ... I didn't see that post before ... My mistake.

    That explains all.

    Well, now I just wait to see your web.config example working on both IIS 6 &amp; 7.

    Again, thank you very...
  16. Hello again ...

    Reading the posts about the "Bad Response" error message when using AjaxEvents, I knew that we need to add the code:

    <add name="AjaxRequestModule"...
  17. Hi Geoffrey !

    Thanks a lot ...

    Adding "Response.Charset = "utf-8" in the AjaxEvents solve the problem right now. And glad to hear that this issue is solved in the new release of the Coolite...
  18. Hi Geoffrey, good day.

    Here is the Fiddler info for he Load event of the page tha shows the data in the GridPanel.

    <U>Request Headers:
    </U>POST /SAPP/Borrar.aspx HTTP/1.1
  19. Ok Geoffrey ...

    I post the info that you require (hope so).

    <U>Request Header:
    </U>POST /SAPP/Borrar.aspx HTTP/1.1
    Accept: */*
    Accept-Language: es-mx
  20. Hi Geoffrey ...

    Soon as I get the info I post it back here.

    Thanks ...
  21. Hi again ...

    I hope not being annoying this day (I've made two posts), but I'm really enjoying Coolite right now.

    Now, I have this kind of strange issue with "spanish letters" ( or letter). Let...
  22. Hi Geoffrey !

    Thanks for the replies ...

    Of course I'm going to download the new version. I can't wait to test it and experience it !


    Alfonso Penunuri
  23. Ok ... I've tried to delete this post, but I can't, hehe.

    I achieve what I want using a RowLayout ...

    Learned something new today ...

    So, this post can be deleted or marked as CLOSED.
  24. Hi there !

    I search through the forum and saw a number of topics about "GridPanel AutoHeight" and FitLayout.
    I know that Geoffrey already post about we need to set the height of the parent...
  25. Hi Vladsch.

    Awesome !!! , that fix the error.

    Thank you so much for your support and for the quick response.

    I really appreciate all your effort to make Coolite the best Ext-js controls.
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