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  1. Sorry for reposting. But, I didn't see my post on the forums.

    My question is that we need to design a GUI that would provide the capability for the user to select multiple values on the grid cell...
  2. Understood. Can you also provide some Razor view examples? It is very crucial for our development effort. Thanks in advance.
  3. Although I can compile on VS 2010, it gives me a runtime error as below. Can you investigate? Also, please note that it runs fine on VS 2012.

    Server Error in '/' Application.

  4. Hi,

    It seems that v2.2.0 from trunk is broken for the project Ext.Net.Examples on Visual Studio 2010 but it is working for Visual Studio 2012. Can you check please. Also, thanks for the...
  5. It works, thank you!
  6. Do you have example for the Razor view?

  7. Dear Ext.Net,

    I am using a gridpanel in a Partial View Result,

    I want to call a javascript function when each row is rendered, passing the script the record EG applyClass(record),

    such that...
  8. Please investigate with the code below. We cannot get the data binded to the corresponding column. Please use the v2.1.1 to test. We cannot move to v2.2.0 for it will break other parts of our...
  9. The problem is that when you serialized the nodes to its Json string and bind it the the javascript side, the Custom Attributes are not being serialized. The online example is to build a static tree....
  10. I search the logfile for version 2.2.0, and I found that there is a bug fix:

    [r4585] PartialViewResult generate incorrect script for Items mode

    However, when I tried this, and it doesn't seem...
  11. Hi,

    I have a quick question in using PartialViewResult. I have a view which has multiple tab in it and it would be added to the tabpanel using a PartialViewResult. However, when I use the latest...
  12. Hi Ext.Net,

    I have a DateField which is located in a view but when it is being put in a tab panel, and I opened multiple tab panels at the same time, the DateField would not render properly and it...
  13. I am wondering if there is any multi-level grouping in grid panel. The only grouping I see is only single grouping among all the examples. Do you have any more examples that show multi-level...
  14. Please look at my modified changes in your example below to see the error yourself. Many Thanks.!!!!!!!
  15. Hi Vladimir,

    Yes I can reproduce the problem by just using your testcase. The problem is in the grouping. I added group by name in your example, and do a select all and I get the exception when I...
  16. Hi Vladimir,

    Yes, I have an IDProperty defined in my store, except that I used a razor view with MVC. Also, the version is Could it make a difference?

    Also, do you have a...
  17. Hi Baidaly,

    The code does not work and I get a runtime exception when I move to the next page which says

    Line: 18
    Error: Unable to get property 'up' of undefined...
  18. Hi,

    I am wondering if how can I do select all and de-select all for rows in all grid rows in a grid panel with paging toolbar. My problem now is that the the selection is not happening on other...
  19. Hi,

    I used the PagingToolbar locally, and when I tried to use App.clientBlocksPanel.getRowsValues({selectedOnly:true}) on a grid with valid selection, and the function getRowsValues(selectedOnly)...
  20. Hi,

    I have a gridpanel with combobox as editor in one of its columns.
    When I click the cell where the combobox is, it sometimes does not show me the combobox but just a flash of it.
  21. Is it possible to lazy load gridpanel data on scroll detection?
  22. Thanks, Danil.
    I actually figure out the problem which caused the problem.
    The javascript function we were calling has following signature:
    colorChange(value, summaryData, field)
    The summaryData...
  23. Great, it works!
    Thanks a lot.
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