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  1. Hi
    Hope to see fixes in future versions.
    These Problems not available in version 4.1
    So i think could be small bugs.
    Anyway Thanks and have a nice time
  2. Hi @fabricio.murta
    Allways On top not working neither on TopBar iteself nor on toolbar inside it
    Windows position initialy is OK but when I hover over a button with a qtip tooltip
    this maximized...
  3. Hi
    thanks for quick reply
    File manager did not let me to upload cshml file.
    any way. its a very simple to reproduce what I've done.
    I just downloaded the mvc samples from...
  4. Hi I am new here
    I trying for mvc and trying a short cut with a window on the desktop
    I have
    1. when maximize set to true its not working I used the old work around and its now maximizing...
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