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  1. MultiUpload is based on Flash, and since Flash will not be supported from Dec 2019, what is the alternative option to use multi-upload feature?
  2. Hi!
    Sorry, wasnt sure where to ask.

    Just wanted to know if its a dead project, because there is no info about next release as it used to be.

    Sorry if I asked at wrong section.

  3. Please provide code snippet/sample code, as its required to know where is the error.
  4. The ObjectHolder is not available, not in Intellisense or Markup, but at code-behind it is available.

    Please help to fix this. I am using v4.1
  5. Thread: Triton: UI Issue

    by GKG4
    Okay mate, just to add info, same issue with progressbars and with other themes as well.
    If you check Progress Bar UI example, you will see
  6. Thread: Triton: UI Issue

    by GKG4
    Hello there,

    Check the screenshot, as UIs not working with the new theme.

  7. Thread: Document Viewer

    by GKG4
    I understand, but a document viewer could be in combination of report viewer, as you are planning to build that.
  8. You mean you need a sample code in which an Ext.Net grid shows the DataTable?
    And this DataTable is loaded with SQL Query with parameters?

    Is that so???
  9. I figured the error, in your grid multiupload example, you used

    <UploadProgress Handler="updateRecord(, 'progress', Math.round(bytesComplete / bytesTotal));" />


  10. thanks, but this is not what I was talking about.

    Your Grid multiupload example is what I was trying.
    I know the default upload limit, and already increased it to 500 MB
    The problem is not with...
  11. How to show multiple masks using Handle with different panel.
    For eg:
    I have two panels, panel1 and panel2

    I want to show masks on both of them using a Button Click Listener

    Please help
  12. It seems uploadprogress handler not working at all.

    <UploadProgress Handler="updateRecord(, 'progress', Math.round(bytesComplete / bytesTotal));" />
  13. Hi!

    I tried the Grid example by copying it from Example Explorer (ASPX Web form)

    I tried it on live server, but the progress bar is not working.

    It shows sending with 0%, than after a while...
  14. Thread: Favico.js

    by GKG4
    Yes it is. Hope to see it in future version :)
  15. Thread: Favico.js

    by GKG4

    While googling, came around this:

    So thought you might want to add it, as this one is really great plugin.

    As Ext.Net provide so much customization with...
  16. Hi!

    Is there any chance that Ext.Net is bootstrap based ?
    Just curious as you added UI with all those Bootstrap names, so may be you might give us responsive Ext.Net too.


  17. Though it might not be a big issue, but really wanna see the changes in v2.5.2
  18. Thread: Document Viewer

    by GKG4
    Hi! there,

    Any chance that you can add the document viewer like google docs or scribd ?

    It may support all major file extensions like images, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdfs etc.

  19. Umm... override script ??
    Never read about it, is it possible for you to provide me a link on how to do it ?

    Thanks :)
  20. Thanks for the update. I am using NuGet Package, which means I am unable to edit JS file.

    I guess, I need to wait till next release.
    Any idea when it will be available ?
  21. <ext:TagField
    ID="tagField" ViewStateMode="Disabled"
    runat="server" StoreID="storeTags"
    Width="500" DisplayField="Subject" ValueField="id"
    TypeAhead="true" Region="Center"
  22. Umm... that means, we need to wait till next release, as I am using free version, coz I use it for fun :)
    Any idea, when can we have the next release? Just idea will be okay, not asking for exact...
  23. <form id="form1" runat="server">
    <ext:ResourceManager ID="ResourceManager1" runat="server" ShowWarningOnAjaxFailure="true" />
    <ext:Viewport ID="pnlEditor" runat="server"...
  24. It seems no one able to resolve it. :(

    I solved the value part, now having trouble with the FileUploadField only
  25. Hello,

    If I am using FileUploadField, then I am unable to get the value of TextArea txtMessage at code behind, however, I am successfully able to set the text of txtMessage from code-behind.

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