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  1. This is a very useful example.
    Can the thread title be modified to something that will allow searching for it in the future?
    (i.e. Implement custom behaviour in combobox filter column)

  2. Hello all,

    - are there any plans for incorporating Sencha Pivot Grid from Ext JS 6 into Ext.Net 4 or to some other future version of Ext.Net ?

    Thank you,
  3. Hello Z,

    - in my case I have reached the conclusion that if one wants a fully dynamic single page application what works best is using Asp.Net Web Forms in a minimal fashion (i.e. put code only on...
  4. Dear Ext.Net team,

    - Bryntum states that in order to use Ext Gantt / Ext scheduler you need to have an Ext JS commercial license : (look at the FAQ section)
  5. Hello all,

    - minor nitpick: in Ext.Net.3.1.2 at line #64 above var g = this.getFeature('grouping'); returns that .getFeature is undefined.

    - replacing with var g = this.features[0]; seems to...
  6. Hello Daniil,

    - you can close the thread.
    - Thank you very much for your help.

  7. Hello Daniil,

    - I have completed the tests (without an iframe for now) and I have good news.
    - Everything works as expected in all browsers tested(IE11,FF,Chrome).

    1. In debug...
  8. Hello Daniil,

    - just a quick trivial question.
    - Can a container like the one you suggest participate in the Layout of a parent panel for instance (in italics):

    <ext:Panel ID="pnl_main"...
  9. Hello Daniil,

    - That is a very interesting suggestion. I assume that it will be loaded as an iframe.
    (Weren't there some memory issues back in Ext JS 4.x with iframes?)

    - I will thoroughly...
  10. Hello Daniil,

    - I think that during one of several tests I had the Update Panel removed and I was still getting the same behavior.
    - I will also test if removing the update panel causes problems...
  11. Hello Daniil,

    - I made that quotation because I observed that the compiler intervened after the Report Viewer had executed a report. Since in my posted example there was no actual report for the...
  12. Hello Daniil,

    - thank you for your reply.
    - It is expected that the function appears empty in the screenshot since i removed all Js code and Direct Methods removed to make things simpler. Same...
  13. Hello Daniil,

    I have done several more tests and I do not think that you will be able to reproduce the error just with the sample i provided.

    Nevertheless, I think that I have pinpointed the...
  14. Hello Daniil,

    Please select : File / New web site
    From Project Wizard select : Installed / Templates / Visual C# / ASP.Net Reports Web Site
    A new website will be created and the Report...
  15. Hello Danil,

    thank you for your prompt reply.

    Please find below a basic web.config to use with sample code above.

    I am using MS VS 2012 Premium Edition. I think that the ReportViewer Server...
  16. Hello all,

    I have come across the exact same problem with version 3.2.1

    It is on a WebForms page containing Report Viewer / Update Panel / Script Manager embedded within Viewport / Panel /...
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