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  1. Thanks Daniil, i did it as you told me and it works.
  2. Hi Daniil,

    You can find the related discussion in the following link:
  3. Hi Guys,

    I come back to you again for the same problem of gridpanel auto scroll jumping:

    When I add a...
  4. Hi Guys,

    I come back to you again for the same problem of grid auto scroll jumping.
    When I add a CommandColumn the grid , InvalidateScrollerOnRefresh stop working and the gridpanel auto scroll...
  5. Hi Danill,

    Ok, thanks for your reply.
  6. Hello,

    I am using the following example:

    With the following modifications :
    1- Replacing line :...
  7. Hi Daniil,

    yes it works, thanks.
  8. Hi,

    i have a question related to a previous thread
    in fact , i just wanted to to prevent user from selecting the...
  9. Thanks Daniil, it works.
  10. Hi guys,

    I have a tree of nodes and each node has its own icon.
    what I want to do is to add a tooltip for each node's icon.
    In fact, using qtip will add a tooltip to the whole node (node row)...
  11. Thanks Daniil, using StoreID property working well.
  12. Hi,

    I have the following Case:
    TreePanel (width: 400, Height: 300) with a button in the TopBar. When user click on this Button , we open a new Window (width: 800, Height: 600) containing the...
  13. Thank you Daniil, it works now.
  14. Hi Daniil,

    In fact, I left it for a few weeks to work with another things but when I get back to work with it, I did n't get it to work even with a model yet.
    Is it possible to provide me a a...
  15. Hi Daniil,

    In fact, When I am using store in TreeGrid, i can just display the structure of my tree but without any information in it, all columns are empty.
    In google chrome's developer tool i...
  16. Hi Daniil,

    I think i was not clear in my question. In fact, I want to bind a store to treegrid like the treegrid in the following example:
  17. Hi,

    Is it possible to bind a store with treepanel/treegrid in 2.5?

    if yes, Can you provide a link for an example please?

    Thanks in advance,
  18. Thanks a lot Daniil, it works.
  19. Hi Daniil,

    yes i already used "EnableKeyEvents(true)" in my code that i added above in my question but nothing change nothing working.

  20. Hello,

    Actually, I'm trying to use a combo-box in Ext.Net to select a value from its selecting list. This combo-box is editable and user can type any value he want. On selecting list, I want to...
  21. Hi,

    I have problem in my deployment server.
    When I install website in IIS, and start, it shows: "Probably ResourceManager is not defined in the View".
    This happens only at the first time I load...
  22. Thank you for your help. :-)
  23. Hi, I have the same problem. If I remove BottomBar, it works fine. Is there anything I have to add to?
    Here is the example:

    @model dynamic

    Layout = null;
    var datasource = new...
  24. Thank you for your reply Daniil
  25. View:

    @model dynamic

    Layout = null;

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