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  1. Hi,

    When released Ext.NET 2.1 ?

  2. Hi,

    What's time release this example code(ASP.NET_MVC/Applications/Northwind) ?
    Because of we have urgent issue for this sample code. We can use Ext.NET 1.5 to normal display,but the 2.0 can't. ...
  3. No, I need 2.0 community verion. I can download the 2.0RC2 from github, but not found the 2.0.
  4. Hi,
    How to get the 2.0 community verion? I olny find the 2.0RC2 on github.

  5. Can you provide the code for this function ( demo site, ASP.NET MVC-> Appliactions -> Northwind).?
    It can work on Ext.NET 1.4, but it have upgraded that have some issue on Ext.NET 2.0RC2. It...
  6. Thanks for your reply. Is there support IE6~IE8 on EXT.NET 2.0(RC2)?
  7. I have used the Ext.NET 2.0 rc2, but it can't support DirectEventArgs event by ASP.NET MVC3.
    And the tree panel have some problem, it look not support IE6~IE8.

    e.g This event work on code...
  8. Hi,

    I have download the Ext.NET RC1 source code from github. But I can't found the code for this function (ASP.NET MVC-> Appliactions -> Northwind).
    Has not release it to us?

  9. Now, I can produce the dll for 2.X version. I just want to get the dll files by quickly method. Thanks your reply.
  10. I can't success to compile the source code. It has many errors in my VS2010.
    The error is not found namespace. e.g.Newtonsoft/Utilities/JsonIgnore etc.
    So the EXT.NET will not provide Community...
  11. But i can't find any dll file on this package. I need Ext.NET Community dll file. Thanks
  12. Is there Community Version for Ext.NET 2.0.0-rc1 or not?
    How can to get it? Thanks
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