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  1. Hello @rymac!

    You'll see a onNodeDrop function defined in the first example mentioned above. A possible approach will be to combine it with a DirectMethod instead of DirectEvent. As the...
  2. Hello @rymac!

    I think you are in the right path. Did you get the Drop directEvent (or listener) to trigger at all? You probably have access to the record being dropped around your line 43, but you...
  3. Hello @rymac!

    You should wrap your grid panel in another panel. And to that panel (containing the grid panel) also add the second panel you want.

    While a GridPanel is a specialization of a...
  4. Hello @Sawin, and welcome to Ext.NET forums!

    We have dedicated threads to guide on these steps. We didn't post them here as we already provided them to @cslocus in his other thread. In any case,...
  5. Hello Jimmy!

    The documentation on the Ext.window.MessageBox component is really unclear on how to write custom buttons, and it looks as if it suggests using buttons the way you did should work,...
  6. Hello @rymac!

    Please take some time to explore the examples in our Examples Explorers. You'll find a lot of different scenarios that can help you on your everyday coding.

    Here's two examples...
  7. Hello @GKG4,

    For now, what we have is the FileUploadField component, which has improved since we introduced the MultiUpload one, both Ext.NET code-wise and also browser support-wise.

    But we...
  8. Hello @Z!

    We have logged issue #1682 for the feature.

    Please notice Ext.NET 4 is in feature freeze phase, so the issue logged regards Ext.NET 5.
  9. Hello @jcanton.

    Thanks for the feedback, and glad it helped!
  10. Hello @Ciupaz!

    Chances are the plug in is outdated and you'd have to fix it (or ask its developers to fix in case it is still maintained). Is it said to be compatible with Ext.NET 4, or Ext JS 6?...
  11. Hello Z!

    You can either use the <br /> HTML line break markup or allow all column titles to wrap instead of showing ellipsis, overriding its CSS rule like this:

  12. Hello @jcanton!

    The client-side syntax has changed to loader instead of an autoLoad object. For the equivalence, the loader object should have an autoLoad: true property.

    In other words, your...
  13. Hello @cslocus!

    Sorry for lacking clarity in my last message. With "draw a sample" I didn't mean a screenshot, but a sample test case code of the page. Just so I can see how exactly your dataview...
  14. Hello @cslocus!

    Can you draw a sample of the dataview the way you need it? Then we can experiment from that point and give you a couple solutions you can follow to keep items at its center.

  15. Hello! And thanks for the feedback!

    Okay, closing; and yes, I thought of "dynamically adding components" and not "items". I hope the solution with dataview works well for you; it is very flexible.
  16. Okay, closing.

    One idea would be, building a button with menu (7th sample in this example) instead of the breadcrumb when width is too narrow, and using the breadcrumb component when width is...
  17. Hello @craigthames and rymac!

    Thanks for sharing the outcome, what worked for you, craigthames!

    What I was confident about when I seen the example was that only CSS inspection could tell wy...
  18. Hello @cslocus!

    Please refer to this example for proper dynamic components adding:
    - XRender > Basic > Add Items

    You may also be interested in dynamic partial rendering, a technique that...
  19. Thanks for the feedback, hope it helps you get that working on your project!
  20. Hello @cslocus!

    Although this is still in the "responsive" subject, the problem is relatively different here. So I moved your post to a new thread so it becomes focused on your specific inquire.
  21. Hello again, @cslocus!

    We "ported" the Responsive example to the MVC Examples Explorer. Please take a look on it and I'm sure you'll figure the overall syntax of the Responsive feature under Razor...
  22. Hello @rymac, and welcome to Ext.NET forums!

    Would you be so kind as to format your post (edit it) and wrap the CSS code blocks in

    Then, we'd also need a simple example we could...
  23. Hello @cslocus!

    There is! The same you can do in Webforms you can in MVC versions. Although the syntax changes from ASPX to Razor, and some aspects also change even in code behind (basically...
  24. Glad it helped @ojuniour!

    Thanks for the feedback! And notice you can also use the responsive concept (it applies to the whole window, its viewport to change this without the need to call...
  25. Hello @cslocus!

    I have just finished trying your project and I can't reproduce the issue.

    - perform login
    - click some clients to let the center panel update (works)
    - collapse the...
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