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  1. Hello there,
    i have tried this example in and its working very fine:

    but the problem is that when i try to create using...
  2. Thread: Security Issue

    by vikram
    Hello there,

    How can we restrict to user to view JS code in browser? Is there any way to restrict i?

  3. You can close this thread. I got it what i need..

    thanks & regards
  4. Thanks for reply.
    but i m unable to see any JS generated code in source, only filter functions are there...
    you can check it at your end.
  5. i agreed but in need in javascript code that one is in using MVC , i need in JS.

    thanks & regards
  6. Kindly check the screenshot:

    I need same functionality in EXT JS , client side filter with textboxes...

    with regards
  7. Where i can find any example of clients-side / filtering with textbox in EXT JS using MVC


    with regards
  8. .CSS

    width: 90px;
    border: solid 1px silver;
    display: inline-block;
    margin: 5px;
    background-image: -webkit-gradient(linear,50% 0,50%...
  9. Thank you Baidaly, for your help :)

    Well with your solution i am able to display the check boxes dynamically but
    I wanted to you know that while creating check boxes dynamically at least 1000+...
  10. And how can i get the values ? like which one has selected on button click ...???

    thanks & regards
  11. Hello there,

    How to create Dynamically Checkboxes after fetching the records from database ?
    and can get the selected value too?

    thanks & regards
  12. i m using following lines to display the Mask with "loading message"

    Ext.Net.GridPanel gp = this.GetCmp<GridPanel>("gridPanel1");
    gp.SetLoading(new LoadMask { Msg = "Loading data...", ShowMask...
  13. Using below plugin we can close all the tabs popup option when we right clicked on it. (contextmenu)

    <ext:TabCloseMenu ID="TabCloseMenu1" runat="server" />

    What is in MVC ? if i want to display...
  14. Well i resolved my requirement with the help of parent.Ext.getCmp to find the parents control.

    var processA = function () {


    and in...
  15. thanks for reply. i tried to find with dom element too but any success.
    My requirement a follows:

    below one is in Menu1.cshtml page and linkbutton id "lblalarm"

  16. I added a region for menu on my page and there is a button on it.

    .Title("Vertical Menus")
  17. Why both can't fired ? Only Alert one is displaying not Confirm one if i use both of them together..

    X.Msg.Confirm("Delete", "Are you sure want to delete ?",
  18. How i can achieve following requirement using Signalr
    i have a grid with data fields are:
    User countdowntime, DOB

    I am creating a real time application. I have a grid in which there is a column...
  19. I have achieved how to do add in tabpanel on key pres(shortcut-key) with the help of KeyMap and Handler.
    you can close this thread.
    below example

  20. Kindly assist me that how can we open the windows in a tab panel after pressing functions keys or any combination of the keys like 'ctrl+alt+t' etc...
    e.g. check the below Link
  21. Hello thanks for reply, I have tried your example, but i m getting error Check Screen shot and below is error in console:
    If i select any record from the gridpanel.

    Error: TypeError: q is...
  22. Kindly check the below link:

    could you provide me in MVC razror?

    my requirement.
    1) i have one gridpanel with fields id, name and...
  23. Do you have an example (MVC & Razor preferred) for configuring/populating a grid for parent/child hierarchy?

    Like below examples
  24. thanks Daniil,
    i tried your suggestion but was't working , getting "App.GridPanel1...." is undefined.
    So, I created CSS for header.

    <style type="text/css">
  25. thanks alot Daniil : ),
    Can we increase the header font-size too ?

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