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  1. Dear Team.
    I just made a gridpanel with rowexpander,
    inside the rowexpander, I include a component and formpanel,
    Now, The expanded component still keeps the already rendered state after...
  2. 20331
    As you can see, the vanished column's html is squeezed under the gridpanels' region
    because the gridpanel divided into locked and unlocked panels. and both of them 20341applies 1430...
  3. The same snippet works fine before.20251
  4. .ColumnModel(
  5. "Inline" mode appear to be more stable on our site
  6. Before we did not include the attribute, it seems ok
    later we occasionally hit the initialization script not found problem and I tried to set it
    initscriptmode = "Linked"
  7. ,X.Hidden ().ID ("hiddenintro").Text (Model.pqf_intro )
    ,X.HtmlEditorFor (m=>m.pqf_intro ).LabelAlign (LabelAlign .Top ).FieldLabel (@Resources.NewQuotation.txaIntro)
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