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  1. Thank you!

    I suppose that the correct instruction is:

    <ext-panel title="Expanded" x:raw-collapsed="false">

    But how can i pass a parameter to that?
    The following example doesn't work:

  2. Hello!
    I'm facing a problem when I try to render an accordion's panel when the first panel needs to be collapsed.

    I found the collapsed tag helper and its description make me think it is the...
  3. Hello!
    I get a different behavior handling CellEditingPlugin's Edit DirectEvent if I edit a TextColumn or a CheckColumn.

    Here is my scenario:


    @page "{handler?}"
  4. Hi Fabricio,
    this looks great!

    You were missing just the Row doubleclick event handler; I set it in this way:

    grid.Listeners.RowDblClick.Handler =...
  5. Thank you, understood!

    I was looking into the following examples

    and I was thinking that...
  6. Hello!
    I don't know how to port existing MVC v5.2 or WebForms example for fieldset.
    I would like that doubleclicking a grid row, pops up a window with the row editor panel.
    Clicking the save...
  7. Hi! I'm trying to make a button for download a file, but I'm a little in trouble :(

    Which is the correct pattern with Razor developing model?

    In v5.3 WebForms setting the IsUpload property to...
  8. Thank you very much.

    CustomConfig = new JsObject() { { "type", "paging" } }
    it works as a charm.

    The equivalent code in v5 is which follows (WebForms and VB.NET)

    <%@ Page...
  9. Always it helps! I was searching for that plugin and I was thinking that is not available anymore!
    Your point is good and easy for most cases, but I simplified a more complex scenario in order to...
  10. Ok Thankyou!
  11. There's something wrong with store filters and grid panel paging.
    Filters are applied only to the visible rows and not over the whole store data.

    Could you please fix my code?
  12. Hi! Looking here in spotless componets I found avatar.
    It is nice and useful, but there is no examples.

    We could try to reproduce an avatar copying the span...
  13. Thanks!

    PS: In case you already read the previous post which I edited, I found a bug in my code. sorry.
  14. Great! This is somewhat the correct way.
    I think the issue #1845 is caused by the which is not "reported" on the page.
    Doing as you say my instead of being primaryBoxStore is...
  15. Thankyou very much for your great support, now I think I can achieve my goals.

    I mis explained myself forgetting a "'s"...
    I would like to send the primaryBox's value App.primaryBox.value via...
  16. Hi, almost all is solved, but there are some changes which make me spend more than 2 days on a ComboBox...
    We really need some more sample, I guess that it's simple for you to complete my code.

  17. Autocomplete ComboBox
    ...Still missing the html template...

    I have been able to have a working Autocomplete feature, I just need to know if this is the best practice.

    I used a API REST...
  18. Just about a standard ComboBox
    ...for autocomplete I create a new post down here...

    QueryMode needs to be local instead of Local

    Here is the working code :)

  19. Hi!
    Could you please create an example corresponding to this one?
    ComboBox with Templates and AJAX

    I'm trying with Razor POST, but Paging<T> is missing.
    I cannot find an Ajax Proxy sample, so I...
  20. Hi, refering to Issue #1851 on GitHub, can you provide a working example of MenuItem inside Accordion?

    We have try the follow, but result in accordion with empty content:

  21. col.SetEditor(new Checkbox()); // did you actually need this?

    I didn't now that a CheckColumn does not need a editor to be editable!

    In my opinion it's quite confusing that some column type...
  22. I think I got it.
    It's working with the following code! Thanks!

    public static Column GetColumn(DataFieldType? type, bool Editable)
    Column col;
  23. ok in the designer works properly.
    I'm looking for the equivalent in codebehind, however as you anticipated me there is no TagHelper but also class property as well.
    There is not even a...
  24. How can I use a Checkbox as column editor in a GridPanel?

    Other components seem to work fine, but the Checkbox appears disabled.

    I started from your GridPanel sample and here it is:
  25. It is the answer I was looking for :)
    Thank you very much again and again and again...
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