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  1. The project consists of implementing this admin themplate of ext.js in web form, the ones that leave your email.
  2. Thread: admin-dashboard

    by foswha
    Sencha has admin dashboard

    It is possible to implement it in

  3. thank you very much served me a lot of you are very kind
  4. I have a web application that runs on our local intranet and also used from outside , is possible configure to download resources from local server when accessing the local network and use CDN when...
  5. Please Close this Thread

    I leave pa 3.x but unlicensed message appears on my production server , this is very problematic to my customers
  7. Dear Daniil

    Now works properly , thank you very much for your time and patience you are very kind and professional , I do not regret working with

  8. this errors (see the image)
  9. Dear Daniil

    I did it this way (see the picture) and then opened it in vs2013 and gave him Rebuild , then copy the DLL to my solution
    (ext.dll it only weighs 58kb) I reference it to my solution...
  10. Daniil

    I freely downloaded from svn trunk I re build it and the same problem remains
  11. Sorry the problem is with this code than is a incrmental search, when you type for example 4 chars and then press space bar this trigger select item (sorry my inglish) soo i can't continuo searching...
  12. Hello

    I have this problem (see the link)
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