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  1. Hi

    @(X.Panel().Listeners(l => { l.Activate.Handler = "alert('1');"; }).Header(true).Title("Test")
    javascript alert popup not show after page...
  2. Hi
    I am try to prepare a calender in MVC but currently I am facing 2 problems

    1 . 2 out of 5 events not showing in Calender

    2 . When Press Submit All Events no data submitted to server

  3. I found a Post

    Here Daniil assign date like

    String specificDates =
    "[" +
    "new Date(2013, 7, 15)" +
    ",new Date(2013, 7, 21)" +
  4. Try to convert your dynamic Carousel from aspx to MVC almost done but not able to add items in button group , please have a look at this Post and if you have any suggestion please let me know.
  5. Hi
    I found a Carousel . and I try to convert this in to MVC I finish this almost but button not added to wnButtonGroup


    Layout = null;
    var X = Html.X();
  6. In this chart area is .Width(800) and .Height(600) , but I dont have that much space and I have to draw 4-6 chart there .
    for this situation I need to...
  7. Hi I take this example .
    my question is how I reduce the height the Y axis label ,I want to make the axis more thick .
  8. Hi

    I make a tab panel like bellow ,and try to hide header for the pdashboard only . how do i do this?

  9. the action method essmenu is just return a view ,like bellow

    public ActionResult essmenu()
    return view("/Areas/folder1/views/landing/essmenu/Index.cshtml");
  10. This code from example

  11. I have not try any thing yet ,because I am not understand what I assign to Target , Delegate and onShow. please consider my case and suggest me .
  12. Hi
    I load a view in a panel with loader and view contains two images with tooltip

    <a href="javascript:void(0)" id="a3">
  13. Hi
    I go through with example an d I understand Target , Delegate and 2nd parameter is important to do this Handler="onShow(this, #{GridPanel1});" .

    Bellow is a part of my html code

  14. I have some images and I want to show a tooltip on hover each image . I will not found a hover event in image listeners.
    so is it possible to do with one tooltip control ? I mean to say

    I have ...
  15. Hi please suggest
    I have a div

    <div class="jumbotron" ng-view>
    and I am trying to render a partial view with some Ext.Net controls into this ,how I do this,I am newly...
  16. Hi daniil

    Not much progress done .I am still trying with the plugin . apart from the plugin if you answer my questions one-by-one using my code that will be very helpful for me .
  17. I will read the sencha thread , but as of now can you please run my and sample and let me know why value not submitted to server side
  18. Hi
    I not understand what you try to say.

    I think you doing a mistake should @matrixwebtech .

    Please try bellow sample ,I am trying to perform bellow operations

    Submit to server side

  19. Hi
    I add a tinymce with text-area

    .Listeners(l => {
    l.AfterRender.Handler = "tinymce.init({selector:'textarea'});";
  20. Please see the example , I not use Convert in Model.

    var addRecordtoGridPFNomination = function (form, grid) {
    if (!form.getForm().isValid()) {

  21. again I faced a problem I load the grid with proxy which return "NomineeDateofBirth":"2015-05-22T00:00:00" which is not displayed in grid

    I set datecolumn

  22. thanks a lot,

    .SubmitFormat("dd-MM-yyyy") is working also. so previous submitted date format different because of my local machine's date format?
  23. Hi
    I change the javascript function and format the date as d-m-Y and insert in model manually and its working , but my question is why previous code not working for me?

  24. Thanks,
    please close this.
  25. I am give some more images of my local machine date formats may be this is help you for better understanding
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