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  1. Hi!
    I created a simple view and a button on this view. I want to set listeners or other features in Ext.onReady function.
    but it does not works. here is my sample:

    @using Ext.Net;
  2. Now we have a problem. If we set the DropDownField's AllowBlur property to true, if we want to close gridpanel we only should click on trigger icon. It seems that if we click outside of gridpnel it...
  3. We're a .net team in Iran and work with Ext.Net for a year and a half. We have prepared a good framework with for rapid application development. We are ready to cooperate with you.
    thanks ....
  4. thanks!
    it just works
  5. I have a TextField for get email address and this is optional field. I set the VType to email.
    But when I leave the value of TextField to null value, validation error appears.

  6. I have a dropdownfield with filtering support.
    When I am typing filter value in filter box or deselecting a column the behind GridPanel disappears .1507
  7. Hi everybody!
    Is there any sample of custom filter in GridPanel.
    I mean I want to have other Filtering Criteria such as ?Starts with? ?Ends With?.
    Thanks .
  8. Hi everybody!
    I want to reset GridPanel page index to zero after new filter.
    Suppose you are on page 5 and your new filter result is only 2 pages. You have no data on page.
    You should push back to...
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