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  1. Still didn't work , still on IE the form is corrupted (Noting its fine on running correctly on 4.7.1 )

    <%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="LoginTest.aspx.cs"...
  2. I used the same example "FormLayout" and it wasn't loading on IE (11) version 4.8.1 while its working fine on version 4.7.1 (attached Screen)
    used Framework is 4.6.2

    <%@ Page...
  3. Hello ,

    we have a request to run our web application on a touch screen and to trigger all the functionalities by finger instead of using the Mouse.

    Our application is built using Version 4.5.1...
  4. Hello,

    I am trying the export to excel as in the examples( but I am facing some issues:

    1- I don't want all the columns...
  5. Hello,

    when i download the latest library 4.5.1 from Ext.NET Download link, i am noticing that the compressed EXTNET.DLL version is 4.5.0.
    Is this a mistake?
  6. Hello,
    I don't think you get my issue. Please if you can run the update sample code provided you can reproduce the problem, also please check the attached screenshots:

  7. Hello,

    I have a web application that contains windows. these windows contains controls (forms to be filled, tabpanel and panels, grids, etc...)
    I want to know what is the best practice to...
  8. Hello,

    I have a page with a button. this button will open an Window with component loader and frame renderer. the page that will open inside this window is an aspx page that contains html...
  9. Hello,

    When using Ext imagebutton and clicking on it I am getting the error below in console:

    "Object doesn't support property or method 'getFocusEl'"

    Note: if you replace the image button...
  10. Hello,

    I have a tabpanel that has several panels. on each request I want to remove all panels in this TabPanel and add different panels.
    I tried TabPanel1.RemoveAll(); from codebehind it throw a...
  11. Hello,

    No this is not happening on Edge, Firefox or chrome and note that I am not removing resource manager from all the project I am removing it only from the window that I am openning (which...
  12. Hello,

    I have a huge system and I am using lot of windows, each window is a separated aspx page. I am having a CPU consumption problem when opening my system on IE after debugging I noticed that...
  13. Thank you, it worked, but is there anyway to set it using javascript? dynamically?? I tried this: "App.PanelID.tabConfig.cls='Panels'"
    but it is not working, I want to change the cls dynamically...
  14. Hello,

    I want to set a CLS class for panels to set font-size and color. I used this css class :.x-tab-inner-default but this apply to all panels. I want to use it in specific panels so if I use...
  15. Hello,

    I have a page that contains only a button and this button will create an EXT window from javascript with a UI value 'primary'.
    It was working fine on 4.2.2, but when upgrading to 4.3.0 the...
  16. Hello,

    I have a GridPanel with row Expander and a print button. when clicking print only it takes the first record of the grid.
    If I remove the rowexpander and click print it works fine.
    N.B: in...
  17. Hello,

    I have a login window that contains textfields username and password and a submit button. when clicking submit button it is appeared in the developer tools the...
  18. Hello,

    Thanks the problem is solved.
  19. Hello,

    The problem is fixed after i built the Project in Webforms Release Mode
  20. Hello,

    I followed your instructions and the same problem is still appearing in my project (building the DLL is working fine but when adding the DLL reference to my project the error is occurring...
  21. Hello

    Thanks for your support , I was able to download Project EXT.NET Premium from GitHub and I built the Project successfully as shown in the below screen capture IMAGE1 .
    On the Other...
  22. Dear Support,

    Kindly we are still waiting The SVN access permissions in order to Download the Above Fix.
    please your support is needed
  23. Dear fabricio,

    Please can you provide the latest EXT.NET source link from GitHub because we found that version 4.2.1 is updated 5 days ago.
    please confirm the path...
  24. Hello,

    I have a gridpanel in a viewport with RTL true, the grid contains row editor and horizontal scroll bar.
    when clicking to add a new row tho horizontal scroll goes to left end of the grid....
  25. Hello,

    I tried to add the override method but it didn't solve the case. you can check it in the sample code. and If you click on this grey box you will see the tooltip in the middle of the grid....
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