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  1. hello @fabricio.murta
    thank you
    but I want to use layout types such as fit layout, border layout....etc rather than css. but I don't know the way of doing that
  2. hello every body
    in my project i changed the font size to 15px
    so, the grid panels headers are appeared in not suitable form
    i need a way to change the width,height of grid panel header to...
  3. Thread: Radio group

    by ghada
    I checked this link before, but it is not helpful, i need to get the value of radio button on the server side (c# code)
  4. Thread: Radio group

    by ghada
    hello every body
    what is the way to get the selected checkbox value on server side?

    this is my code:

    <ext:RadioGroup runat="server" ID="rdGender" FieldLabel="الجنس">
  5. thank you very much, the problem are solved when removing the three lines in the routeConfig file
  6. hello every body

    I have a problem of installing Ext.Net on visual studio 2015, when the installation complete then i have Ext.NET.Default.aspx page which is found after package...
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