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  1. sorry for this trouble. It's my mistake. I found solution from this sample:

    Sorry and please close this topic for me!

  2. Thread: Grid paging

    by huynd
    Hic, i'm sorry but i afraid that i can't help you because i haven't any experience in your problem.

    With your problem, i have 2 subject to discusion:

    1. Try to use the Listeners property of the...
  3. Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hi all,

    I want to use link combo box but it have any problems. I spend too much my time but don't resolve it.

    Please get my sample project ,...
  5. Thread: Grid paging

    by huynd
    Sorry, but i don't understand your problem. Please give me a simple sample.
  6. Hi Shij,

    Thanks for your help, the final question is: how to set ReportId value by javascript (get from query string) ?

    One more time, thanks you very much!
  7. Hi Vlad,

    Thanks for your reply, but my actual problem is:

    I have a TabPanel on the detail.aspx?i=1 page as following:

    <ext:TabPanel ID="tabPanelGeneralInfo" runat="server"...
  8. Hi Ray,


    please use this code:

    <ext:Menu ID="contextMenu" runat="server">
  9. Help me, please! It's very important for me.
  10. Hi all,

    I have a problem with the paging combo box as following:

    I selected a item at the twice page and save successful. At the update page, in the page load i set selected item of the combo...
  11. Hi Pra,

    this following code is running well for me:

    multiCombo.SelectedItems.Add(new SelectedListItem(selectedValue));

    hope that help for you,
  12. Hi all,
    Sorry very much if this reply is your trouble.

    how to i pass some parameters to Home.aspx ? and how to retrieve that params at the Home.aspx ?

    Thanks very much!
  13. Hello all,

    I have a TabPanel and have addTab funtion to add a new tab. The addTab funtion is the below:

    var addTab = function(tabPanel, id, url, title, params) {
    var tab =...
  14. I have resolve it by use OnRefreshData event of the GridPanel's store. But i don't know why was that page which has the GridPanel load twice ?
    The first, it didn't run into the Store1_RefreshData...
  15. hic hic, please help me or give any reference link to resolve it.
  16. Help me, please!!!
  17. Hello all,

    I want to implement multiple language for my website. But i don't know to implement that. i don't see any thing in examples too.
    Do you know how to implement multiple language web site...
  18. Hi guy,

    I want to custom paging my data set, but i want to direct bind data to store: store.DataSource = source, i don't want to use though ObjectDataSource, SqlDataSource ... as example.

  19. Hi,

    Thanks so much for your guide. But when i used this configuration for sharepoint 2010 application, i can not open sharepoint designer 2010. (can not login with correct user name and...
  20. Hi all,

    I have issue with Version I am using win 2008 x 64/ iis7/ sharepoint foundation 2010/ sharepoint designer 2010

    if i config web.config file the same iis6 using following...
  21. <P align=left>Hi guy,

    i am using following links to reference:
    1. Coolite example
    2. Extjs API
    3. Google :D

  22. Hi Speddi,

    I think you shoud use the KeyMap object of that panel.

  23. hi,

    i had the same issue and i used the following code:
  24. hic, please help me to resolve it now or give me any link to reference.

    thanks so much,
  25. Hi all,

    When i run this example from the example collection,

    if the columns in the grid is less than the fields of its store, i got a exception from this code

    var json =...
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