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  1. hey guys:
    i'm writing cms now,has a trouble
    about store field length

    there is fck editor in my page
    i copy some short arctile paste at this editor and sumit,it's ok,can be submit,no failed.
  2. The Chinese People is too many
  3. hi,very thank you,i lost panel.reload,thank you again.
    i readed my data now.
    i'm sorry to ask you other question, i want get value from this iframe,like normal using jQuery will be geted,but this...
  4. i want transfer grid rowId like this:
    <AutoLoad Url="../WebEditorOnline/WebEditorOnline.aspx?RowId="+rowId />

    <%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="demo.aspx.cs"...
  5. hi,vladimir,thank you for your reply
    i'm On business some day,just come back
    i saw you code and try to do it,but it's not Correct yet.
    do you give me a example?
  6. hi,thank you very much
  7. <ext:Window ID="winTree" runat="server" Collapsible="true" Icon="FolderTable" Title="SelectArticleType"
    Width="200" Height="500" AutoScroll="true" Show&#111;nload="false" Center&#111;nload="false"
  8. i try it,but that panel2 is not has my parameter
    Panel2.autoLoad.params is null or not an object.
  9. hi,you can use Extjs to operate

    like this:
  10. hey,guys
    just has a problem.
    I want transfer parameter in Panel's AutoLoad Url ,that panel in a ext window
    that gridPanel has RowDblClick function to open it,so,some data will be in this window...
  11. very thx.

    But i use that add into Coolite.ux project and generate to dll,adding ux to toolbox,and usage

    can not find like this:

  12. Hi,pschojer
    do you shaing your component?
    that it's very cool .
  13. good,when to release?
  14. like subject.
    is coolite has comboboxTree?

    i want use that.
  15. thank you everybody.
    i try any method,but the combobox can not display Text,it's display value field yet
    i used store ,DataTable,DatatSet to bind.fuction is ok,display is wrong.

  16. thank you ,i added now ,but the problem still yet
  17. see my upload IMG
    why the first item is "nbsp;"
    and when i selected,that row will display my data ID,
    ex:two items 1:id 2:name
    when i selected,that row display Id,not name.
    does not display i...
  18. hello guys
    How to Add ComboBox in GridPanel?
    I Try it more and more ,using selectionModel?
    How to use it?
  19. thank you .
    i get it.

    <DIV id=result_box dir=ltr style="TEXT-ALIGN: left">The new version is very easy to use ^_^
  20. Hello,guys.
    I see Example in our Website ,that is v6.0 &amp; v7.0 version
    I Download V6.0 Professional Version,
    <DIV id=result_box dir=ltr style="TEXT-ALIGN: left">When I use when he encountered a...
  21. thank you
    it's web.config problem.
    very thank you
  22. hi,guys! i missing a configuration problem
    xp sp3,vs 2008,coolite version:


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