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  1. Hi
    I have a toolbar and a grid and I like to show a modal dialog with a create view inside it, when user clicks on the toolbar button.
    is there a sample for this in 7.2?
  2. Thanks, really helpful
  3. That's awesome, thank you.

    I hoped there is way to add font icons, Is there any way that we can add font icons too? (Like spotless theme)
  4. This is old syntax :

    X.ITLButton().Icon(Icon.PageExcel) // PageExcel == 1149

    This is new which not working in gray theme:

    X.ITLButton().IconCls("x-md md-icon-lock")
  5. Hi
    I am evaluating Ext.Net 7.2 and my free license expired. is there any way to get another evaluation license?
  6. Hi
    I use gray theme in 7.2, and seems icons not available in gray theme.
    Should I add another lib or something?
  7. Hi again fabricio
    That's great news. At the end of the day we need a way to put our views (lots of views with html helpers) in some kind of layout system, so we can upgrade to new version.
  8. <ext-viewport layout="Border">
    <ext-partial name="_Header" />

    <ext-partial name="_Sidebar" />

    <ext-section name="Main" />

  9. can we have layouts with html helpers
    that also will do the job
  10. Thank you, fabricio
  11. Hi
    I have views with html helpers and I want to migrate to 7.2
    how can we mix html helpers with tag helpers
    this code raises error:

    Ext.Net.Core.Exceptions.LayoutException: Unexpected element...
  12. Hi
    I have a client using ext 4.1
    they use desktop feature but I cant find desktop in 7.2
    how can we migrate to new version, is there any sample for it?
  13. Hi
    Hope to see fixes in future versions.
    These Problems not available in version 4.1
    So i think could be small bugs.
    Anyway Thanks and have a nice time
  14. Hi @fabricio.murta
    Allways On top not working neither on TopBar iteself nor on toolbar inside it
    Windows position initialy is OK but when I hover over a button with a qtip tooltip
    this maximized...
  15. Hi
    thanks for quick reply
    File manager did not let me to upload cshml file.
    any way. its a very simple to reproduce what I've done.
    I just downloaded the mvc samples from...
  16. Hi I am new here
    I trying for mvc and trying a short cut with a window on the desktop
    I have
    1. when maximize set to true its not working I used the old work around and its now maximizing...
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