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  1. Hi,
    I have problem using syntax #{controlID} in event handlers. From time to time is expression transformed to Ext.get("controlID") instead of App.parentControlID_controlID.
    Do you have any idea,...
  2. Hi,
    I have problem with Row Expander in Grid after I started using Ext.NET 3.2.
    The same is here:

    Any fix other than downgrading to...
  3. Hi,
    I would like to show tooltips over breadcrumb items. I tried to set Node.Qtip, but it works only in TreePanel.
    In example, in...
  4. I am sorry, this thread can be deleted.
    I missed Type="Date" in Store's ModelField.
  5. Hi,
    I have problem with local dates while migrating project from Ext.NET 1.6 to Ext.NET 3.0.
    My model returns date with kind Unspecified (30.6.2015 14:00:00), store sends it to UI in JSON...
  6. Thanks for reply.

    How can I determine in code, if its too late for .AddStript() so I should execute some other steps? I use it in general exception handler.
  7. Hello,
    if I call X.AddScript() (and also X.Call() ) in ODS methods (OnSelecting, OnSelected), while ODS Select is invoked by Ext.Net.Store, nothing happens. If ODS Select is invoked by my code (e.g....
  8. Hello,
    how can I navigate to another URL after clicking on Button. I expect something like NavigateUrl property on Button.


  9. Hi,
    how can I detect, that specific grid filter has changed/activated/deactivated. I know, there is on FilterChange event of Store, but I want to check only specific filters.

    There have been...
  10. Hi,
    I have problem with grid filter values in StoreReadEventArgs in store's ReadData event. When accessing Filter property, exception is thrown.
    If I try to handle filter "in old way" by:

  11. There are some more issues:

    1) Paging toolbar does not change its page according to store's start parameter (I believe it worked in Ext.NET 1.6).

    2) If Ext.Net.Store.RemoteFilter=true,...
  12. Hi,
    I am migrating my web app from Ext.NET 1.6 to Ext.NET 3.1 and I dealing this issue:
    I use Ext.Net.ButtonGroup to wrap controls into logic groups. I combine buttons, comboboxes, date pickers......
  13. Hi,
    I found out, that Ext.Net.Store.AutoLoadParams is not applied to first request of store, if Ext.Net.Store.RemoteFilter is true and there are som GridFilters in grid connected with store.
  14. I am so sorry, first I used AutoLoadParams in wrong way and it not worked, so I was looking for another solution.

    The right way to set initial page number of store is by setting AutoLoadParams of...
  15. Method LoadFakeRecords is called in request initiated by store. Store sends parameters in this request. I want to preset those parameters for first, automatic request (with AutoLoad=true). Default...
  16. Thanks for reply, but I think that you misunderstood.
    I want to set page number (or start parameter), so that Ext.Net.Store at its first request to server sends start paramater indicating it wants...
  17. Here is a code sample with possible workaround in comment. This workaround is not good for me, because I work with IDs of code lists from database.
    Value setting to ListFilter worked in Ext.NET 1.6....
  18. Hi,
    how can i set page number of grid in codebehind?
    In 1.6 I used to do this, but it do not work in 3.1.

    this.storeExports.AutoLoadParams["start"] = "={" + recordNumber + "}";...
  19. Hi,
    I am trying to set list filter in codebehind by Ext.Net.ListFilter.Value. But it is not working if I set array of ID or array of Labels.
    I believe problem is in type of...
  20. Hi,
    my problem is, that image handlers are returning plain text instead of image.
    Chrome log: Resource interpreted as Image but transferred with MIME type text/plain:...
  21. Is there any option to turn off automatic script generation? And then call Render() manually?
  22. Hi,
    I use many Ext.NET Windows ony my page (declared in aspx file), implicitly they are hidden/not visible and they are invoked, shown by Direct Events. Now my Direct events contain .show() method...
  23. Hi,
    I dont know if it is a bug, but it is not possible to navigates between letters in string filter in grid.
    See this:
  24. Here it is:

    Bug does not occurs if I select some rows on the second page.

    My code to reproduce:

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>
    <%@ Import Namespace="System.Collections.Generic" %>
  25. I am using Ext.NET 1.6
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