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  1. Dear @fabricio.murta,

    Thanks for your support.

    I need to finalize the above issue to meet my due date.

    Could you please help me?

  2. Hello Again,

    I'm sorry but couldn't demonstrate your suggestion.

    Could you please add code snippet showing the idea?
  3. Dears,

    Hope you are doing well.

    Look at this code:

  4. Hello @fabricio.murta,

    Thanks a lot for your cooperation.

    Inform us through this post once problem solved.

  5. Here test code:

    <%@ Page Title="" Language="C#" MasterPageFile="~/Apps/UC/MasterPage.master" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="GridPanelTest.aspx.cs" Inherits="Apps_UC_GridPanelTest" %>
  6. Dears,

    All GridPanel I used has the code for ToolTip as per examples page as following:

    <ext:CommandColumn runat="server" Width="100">
  7. Dear @fabricio.murta,

    I'm taking care of this conversion through the website and also our server has been updated with GMT+3 setting to avoid this problem.

    I can add the hours shift to posted...
  8. Hello,

    I'm using "TimeField" as per below window, the system/server time zone is GMT+3 but the posted time comes in different time zone.

    Consider this scenario:

    1. I try to add information...
  9. Dear,

    It 100% zoom for sure.
  10. Dear @fabricio.murta,

    I'm using my laptop, and this snapshot from edge browser:


    Another from Chrome:

  11. Dear,

    I want the user to see that all cells are dirty like this:


    How to achieve that?
  12. Dears,

    I notice that all examples forms and also my own forms start appearing with one pixel at top, is this normal?

  13. Hello,

    The code does not worked for me, and here the test case:

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>

    <%@ Import Namespace="System.Collections.Generic" %>
  14. Dears,

    Hope you all safe and healthy.

    Kindly, refer to the following problem:

    Example Link:

    Steps to demonstrate the...
  15. Dears,

    I would like to set all Store items for GridPanel as Dirty from code behind:

    Function LoadTheMonth() As Boolean

    Dim strSQl As String = clsSQL.getTheMonthList()
  16. Dear @geoffrey.mcgill,

    Thanks for your kind reply.

    Look into attached photo.


    Is there a way to avoid the auto downloaded CSS file?
  17. Is there a way to avoid loading CSS files beside local files while loading the page?
  18. Hello,

    I could not solve the problem by replacing 'Open Sans' with required Arabic font i.e. 'Simplified Arabic'.

    I have replaced the whole line with required font:

    'Open Sans',...
  19. Dear @fabricio.murta,

    Thanks for your valuable efforts.

    The solution worked for me.

    I will consider guideline in the coming tickets.

    Best regards,
  20. Dears,

    I did the required replacement for font name in the specified files but with no luck to solve the problem.

    Find below the resulted files:

  21. Hello,

    I want to change the colors of chart Bars, I have 3 columns:

    - Red.
    - Green.
    - Yellow.

    I tried this:
  22. Dears,

    Any updates?
  23. Hi Again,

    How I can create the local copy of the CSS for Option 1?

    Kindly, advice.
  24. Hi,

    Find here:
  25. Dears,

    Thanks a lot for your support.

    Find attached simple project demonstrating the problem.

    File: REMOVED
    Kindly, advice.
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