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  1. Format Document Doesn't work, it even breaks the code when you press (Ctrl + K, Ctrl + D)
  2. I just want to get the value of a cell/record on the grid and set it to another cell/record when I hit TAB !!

    When debugging the code above I get: 'recordIndex' is undefined

    Can you help me...
  3. I formatted the code (below). What I am trying to do is to update a cell in the grid with a value from another cell in the same grid when I hit TAB, but it's not working..

  4. The below code is not working for me (MVC 4.1), please help!
  5. Hi Team,

    I am trying to render a normal grid panel with headers on Popup window. But its not happening. here is my code.


    Public Class CompanyModel
    Public Property ID() As...
  6. Hello Guys,

    I am facing issue with Store.loadData call in the javascript code.

    On Index page, I have a grid panel along with a button. On click of Button, Window appears with form...
  7. Hey Team,

    Another common issue, which I already explored but didn't end up with any output.

    How to show the negative currency in brackets? I mean we have currency amount column in our grid and...
  8. Hi Fabricio,

    Taking reference form given thread, I was able to close the eventmask when file is being downloaded.

  9. Hey Team,

    I have query related to DirectEvent and using eventmask along with DirectEvents.

    My controller action is returning the file which is generated using another function GenerateFile...
  10. hi Fabricio,

    Well yes this example is not the true scenario of our application, It is just to give you an idea that I am having editable grid on partial view(popup) to edit the list that we...
  11. Hi Fabricio,

    I understand that it is difficult to read such unintended lines of code. But honestly its just that Ext.NET and VB does not mix well. We get end of expected statement when we put our...
  12. Alright, Please update me when you have the solution.

    On another note:
    Moreover, this approach of putting everything inside
    Container().Content(@@<text> everything... </text>) does not seem to...
  13. Hi Fabricio,

    Can you try doing the same example with c# code. I am using the same example and it is working fine for me. Also can you show me the error in screenshot? Is it End of statement error...
  14. Hi Team,

    Continuing from same example as we were discussing in this thread . Now I am facing an issue where I have added a combobox on GridPanel on my partial view, and it is not working as...
  15. Seems bug to me, but Sorting does not work after setting Buffered(True) in GridPanel. Can anyone please help me with this?

    I don't think you need my example to see this bug. If you do need then...
  16. Yes, on Row double click you can reproduce the issue. Context Menu and Create Action link are just part of example project but are disposable.

    So what is the correct approach to render the...
  17. Hey Team,

    Gentle reminder! we are waiting for positive response.

  18. Hi Fabricio,

    Using Inline mode does break things on the popup where we are rendering the controls. In my example, we are rendering GridPanel, and now column width expansion does not work, and...
  19. Thanks Fabricio,

    Can you help in rendering this control in my given example without using Inline mode?

  20. Since we have purchased the license and now posting same question using the purchased account here.
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