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  1. As per title, is there a way to submit custom headers with a DirectMethod call?
  2. Any links to the .net 5 install and setup guide?
  3. Data does not get rendered in the grid when a CheckboxSelectionModel is used.
    Present in both my code and the example
  4. See example
  5. We recently upgraded to EXT 4.5.1 and also started receiving complaints about the input masks not working.

    I have also tested the samples page and on the following browsers (IE, Edge, Chrome and...
  6. Upgrading from 4.1 to 4.5 seems to have fixed the issue.
  7. Hi

    I create a treegrid and populate it with 2 lines that can expand.
    However the last line shows no expand icon.
    When I double click the last line it does expand though.
    If I add 3...
  8. Thanks fabricio, It does look like the same issue, this override worked for us.
  9. Environment:

    Windows 10
    Chrome Version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit)
    Ext.NET 4.2.0
    Theme="Gray" (But it also happens in Triton, even worse)

    In our application we use the Note attribute on some...
  10. Hi

    I am trying to create a nested list and populate it dynamically.
    I need to let the user pick some filters and based on those fetch data(ideally via DirectMethod?) and populate the nested list....
  11. Hi

    In the data examples I only see an example using jsonp.
    Can( and should) we use DirectMethods etc?

    Edit: bug in my code caused call not to work. It works properly now. Question...
  12. Hi

    I have a panel with a loader that I need to load different PDF's in using viewerjs.
    It all works fine untill I have to pass parameters to viewerjs..


    <ext:Panel runat="server"...
  13. Hi

    I copied the add tabs example where you load an external page in a tab.

    I then created an ashx page which returns a PDF stream:

    public void ProcessRequest(HttpContext context)
  14. I have a gridpanel with a toolbar with a button.
    I then disable the grid panel in js:


  15. Hi

    Is there a tutorial for moving a project from using the nuget packages to the svn?
    I tried it but keep on running into dependency issues, .net framework issues etc.
  16. Hi

    IE 8 has some issues with EXT.Net 3.1, I think it relates to the events fired when clicking on controls.

    For example if I open the samples for the treepanel build in markup, in IE 8 (or IE...
  17. Hi

    I cannot create a thread in the bug forum?
    Any case using EXT.Net v 3.1 I have found that selecting an item from a combobox with icons breaks the javascript.

    You can see it in the examples...
  18. Right, after some experimentation.
    It seems if I set the window's

    tabbing does not work.

    Is this expected behavior?
  19. After tabbing on the username text field, chrome and IE highlights the address bar.
    It should however go to the password field

    <!DOCTYPE html>

    <html xmlns="">...
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