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  1. Thanks Daniil, it worked like a charm! =)
  2. Hi guys, i'm having some trouble with the HttpWriteProxy.
    I have set it to use the method POST.

    But when i save the store, the store data is sent via the querystring instead in the request body....
  3. Hey guys i'm having this exact same issue:

    I know that is an old post, but i see that it has no response.

    Can you help me out here?
  4. I'm going to try it. It'll probably work.

    I wanted to avoid having to set it in code behind or adding controls to the master page...
  5. I'm having the same problem that explained here.

    I know that the original post is 3 years old. but i just got this error while trying to add bundles to our master page.

    This is our original...
  6. Hi,

    We are worknig in a .net solution with 1.6, but we are considering to upgrade to 2.x.

    We made an attempt but we noticed that some classes have changed names or no longer...
  7. Almost solved using this code =)

    <ext:RecordField Name="Producto">
    <Convert Handler="var;if (value!=null) {...
  8. Nice, i missed that example.

    Only using a convert function or a renderer function is the only way to achieve this?

    just asking.

    I'll be using this right now =)
  9. Hi guys, i have the following JSON: (It's long so i posted there...)

    I'm mapping it to a Store like this:

    <tlf:Storage AutoLoad="false" ID="storeTelecontrolEventos"...
  10. Hi, i'm having the following problem

    I have this json:
  11. Hi,

    What should i consider to increase the render speed of the controls? do you have any tips or suggestions in general?
    Out of the box controls take a few seconds to render.

  12. I just realized that this is possible with the format property of DatePanel... :)

    thanks daniil!
  13. As follows way, the selector of months is working properly:

    <ext:DateField runat="server" ID="dtpPanel">
    <ext:GenericPlugin runat="server"...
  14. Hi guys, i'm trying to create a theme but i'm having some troubles trying to get it implemented.

    I know that i can set the theme in the resourcemanager, but i don't know how to "add" a new one.
  15. Ok, how can i add it to the resources?

  16. Hi Daniil!

    I tried to use this example but i need to know how to complete the InstanceName (Ext.ux.MonthPickerPlugin), which is the plugin name? how can i add it to the resources? because in the...
  17. Hi, i'm having some trouble hiding/showing some controls...

    Here is my code:

    <%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" %>
    <script type="text/C#" runat="server">
    protected void...
  18. Ok, I understand that, but next to the Success = False i'm trying to set the value manually, but it doesn't change...

    void comboGenerico_OnSelectedChange(object sender, DirectEventArgs e)
  19. Hi guys, i'm having some trouble trying to "cancel" a selection change of a combobox...

    I do a e.Success = false and try to set the selected value back to its original, but it doesn't seem to...
  20. That solved the problem, thanks!!
  21. Hi guys, sorry for bothering you again.

    I'm validating a numberfield and trying to show the indicator icon when it is invalid.

    This is the handlers configuration (working):
  22. Thanks!!, Solved!! =)
  23. Ok, i'm working on creating a smaller page with this problem... but our grid has too many functionalities, it's difficult to "simplify" it

    yes, it seems to be the same problem
  24. Hi, i'm having some issues when closing a Maximized Window. Closing the window causes to have their parent window losing their scroll.

    You can easily reproduce this by going to the example:...
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