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  1. Tried the same. it did not work.

    Below is what I am seeing as the direct method's result.script . See the App.drpBlocks.setSelectedItems.

  2. Previous selection is getting cleared with - this.GetCmp<MultiCombo>("drpBlocks").SelectedItems.Clear();

    Still it is to selecting values on the MultiCombo. I tried with all the below, but no...
  3. figured it out -

    var checked_nodes = Ext.getCmp('FunctionTree').getChecked();
    for (i = 0; i < checked_nodes.length; i++) {
  4. Just to be clear on my issue - How can i get the selected/checked nodes along with edited value ?

    I tried with Ext.getCmp('FunctionTree').getCheckedNodes(), but that did not work.
  5. OK. Could able to manage to some extent myself. Now I am stuck at getting the checked nodes along with edited value at client side. I tried with Ext.getCmp('FunctionTree').getCheckedNodes() with no...
  6. Can someone please point me to see a example implement of treeGrid which supports following features -

    1. CheckBox Selection
    2. All data Preloaded from the Model
    3. Editable Columns ( atleast...
  7. Thanks for the detail explanation. It really helps.

    Need a little help again. I am really not sure, why i am not able to select a value in MultiCombo from direct method -

    My cshtml looks like...
  8. Thanks. That Helps.

    The catch is

    public int[] SelectedBlocks { get; set; }

  9. I have a RadioGroup in my cshtml as follows -

    @X.RadioGroupFor(m=>m.HostelType, new List<Radio.Config> {
    new Radio.Config{BoxLabel = "Boys Hostel", InputValue = "M"},...
  10. Solved. Thanks.
  11. Right that works.

    It is not working when i use Model.HasSetupAccess in _Center.cshtml, which is included in Index.cshtml. Model.HasSetupAccess is available on the first view (Index.cshtml) not in...
  12. Tried that. No luck :(

    Getting nullpointer exception. Model is null
  13. Hi,

    my Model attribute bind to MultiComboFor is not carrying any data to action method. It is always returning emtry List ( of the Model Bind Attribute)

    My Model looks like

    public class...
  14. I am trying to implement a functionality where a editable Grid needs to be displayed as dropdown. When clicked (something like combo ), it will display the editable grid as dropdown. Once done with...
  15. I am getting an exception saying "Cannot convert lambda expression to type bool" while using .Hidden(Model=>Model.HasSetupAccess) in the _Center.cshtml.

    Can you please give me a clue...
  16. Is it the right way of passing value of DateField. It is reporting an error that feeDate parameter is null ( saveApplicationFee method in controller declareed it as DateTime) ?

  17. Hi, Need a little help. Dynamic population of store not working for combo in editable grid.

    I have defined a store as follows:

    <ext:Store ID="instanceVariableStore" runat="server">...
  18. Guys, any pointer ???
  19. Hi,

    I have two grids pointing to one store. One AfterEdit event on the first grid I am updating the store with e.record.set('Total', value). I am seeing that Total is getting reflected on the...
  20. Guys,

    Can you please give me some clue, how to place checkboxes inside a dropdown list.

  21. Can some one give me any clue , how i can set the focus to a EditorField on nth column of nth row in a grid ?
  22. Hi,

    I'm opening a window as follows:

    win.load("Px.aspx?inNo=" + invNo);;
  23. Hi,

    I am using a container within a Tab. In sid the container I have placed some FormGroup Panels. Now the problem I am facing is, I am not able to make the container auto scroll.

    Below is the...
  24. Okey! Can you please share the url for the same ....
  25. Hi,

    Can anyone help me, how I can place a grid within a grid row. I was referring to Row Expander plugins and wouldering if this is at all possible.

    If it is not possible, Is there any way I...
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