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  1. Hello @rymac, and welcome to Ext.NET forums!

    Would you be so kind as to format your post (edit it) and wrap the CSS code blocks in

    Then, we'd also need a simple example we could...
  2. Hello @cslocus!

    There is! The same you can do in Webforms you can in MVC versions. Although the syntax changes from ASPX to Razor, and some aspects also change even in code behind (basically...
  3. Glad it helped @ojuniour!

    Thanks for the feedback! And notice you can also use the responsive concept (it applies to the whole window, its viewport to change this without the need to call...
  4. Hello @cslocus!

    I have just finished trying your project and I can't reproduce the issue.

    - perform login
    - click some clients to let the center panel update (works)
    - collapse the...
  5. Hello @ojuniour!

    You just need to call the container's updateLayout() method after changing the amount of columns you want in the layout object.

    Hope this helps!
  6. Hello @elbetbirgun, and welcome to Ext.NET forums!

    Maybe you can solve this just by increasing the height of the paging toolbar to fit the badges; you can also position them down adjusting their...
  7. Hello @cslocus.

    It is more difficult for us to provide you proper guidance if you don't comply to our guidelines on posting inquiries in the forums. Unfortunately, from experience, trying to...
  8. Hello @cslocus, and welcome to Ext.NET forums!

    Would you be as kind as to provide a runnable test case, so we can reproduce the issue here? Your description on the issue is clear, but I'm afraid...
  9. Hello again!

    After creating issue #1681 to properly document the problem, we fixed it in both v4 and v5 branches. It seems just removing this old override is the way to go. The fix is immediately...
  10. Hello Dan!

    Thanks for the report, and yes, pretty basic thing of its functionality that went unnoticed with the fix. We'll take a look on that and arrange a proper fix.
  11. Hello @Genta, and welcome to Ext.NET forums!

    I'm going to be brief in the answer, as we can't really help with that you provided. We would need to be able to reproduce the issue you're facing in...
  12. Hello @vamsi!

    Thanks for reporting the issue!

    The problem is because Ext JS 7 upgraded its Font Awesome glyphs' references from version 4 to 5 (for the font awesome). As the component does not...
  13. Hello Hans!

    Yes, the performance should be similar at least; after all, the grid is still buffered, so the load in the browser is light just the same, rows are only (graphically) drawn to the...
  14. Hello @johnb!

    I hope this helped you get started to having that work the way you need. I'm sorry that's not really straightforward, as scrollbars are still kind of a fight between browsers.
  15. Hello @HansWapenaar!

    If you add buffered="True" you are applying another kind of Buffered store; in which data is selectively pulled from the server. In that aspect, filters applied to the store...
  16. Hello!

    I have done some research and, although not impossible, this is unfortunately not supported out-of-the box.

    If you rely your application purely on google chrome (or other...
  17. Vamsi, if you use the height specified as suggested, you won't need to specify height for every image.

    I have no idea why you are getting the icon replicated to every node in the list, this does...
  18. Hello Junior!

    Thanks for pointing the issue. As it was silently not loading anything, we didn't catch it during our tests. The problem has been fixed and reflected to both Examples Explorers, and...
  19. Hello once again, @Master15!

    We have fixed this with the release of Ext.NET 5, so you should no longer have this issue with material theme. Sorry for not posting back here earlier!
  20. Glad it helped, @tMp! Thanks for the feedback!
  21. Hello @vamsi!

    It seems giving the css class a height is all you need to have that working. I have reviewed the CSS block in the response above adding it to the sample CSS portion.

    Hope this...
  22. Hello Martin!

    Thanks for the feedback!
    It seems that, because the theme no longer needs a label width, the default display was affected in that case.

    We'll take a better look at that, but it...
  23. Hello @Vamsi!

    You just need the same script running, right? What if you call it in the OnReady event? Either by calling, like:

    Ext.onReady(function() {
  24. Hello @Vamsi, I will try to answer your questions, one by one.

    This boils down to the same we discussed for the full-fledged TreeGrid some days ago in this forum thread: Tree Panel with out...
  25. You can use the maskOnDisable setting to disable masking completely when it is disabled. Then you can apply your own styling to the panel.


    Go further CSS and revert the opacity behavior...
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