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  1. Please i posted yesterday this post to know how i can to set a column editor with many fields, if that is possible:
    this an exemple who show what i need exactly:...
  2. Please if that is not possible tell me to find another solution.
  3. i set a ComboBox like a container for all this field editors, but this solution have many many issues
  4. S3MIH,

    i want to know if i can use an editor with many fields (not with ComponentColumn), when yout want to edit them you find many editors for the same field.

    like this...
  5. i think you must set RemoteFilter(false) for your store ?
  6. like that

    <% Html.X().Button(); %>
  7. i find a solution, this link is very helpfull Link
    using ItemsFromSection(thispage, "SectionName")

    Layout page

  8. S3mih,

    How can i use RenderBody with ext.Net controller:

    for example a simple layout page we do:

  9. this is a work arround solution, i hope that is usefull

    X.ComboBox().ID("Combo").ToolTips(tips => tips.Add(X.ToolTip().ID("t")))
    .Listeners(listeners =>...
  10. you can change the value of tooltip by the value changed listener of combox cotrol, why any time you want show the toltip you change them ?
  11. the probleme is provided from a default master controller , if i work without this master all is right.
  12. You must add CSS for this example

    .x-default-shortcut {
    background-image : url(window48x48.png);

    .x-grid-shortcut {
    background-image : url(grid48x48.png);
  13. Thanx lot Mr. Danill for your help.
  14. I think i find my issue, it come from my master page,
    this is my Html:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang="fr">
    <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"...
  15. I removed all code and i let only that

    ViewBag.Title = "Index";
    var X = Html.X();

  16. For me i dont know why it gives me that (11881)

    for more information i have many Panels in the ViewPort.
  17. The modified code is Runnable and lightweight
  18. This a simple example for my probleme: (Result in image11841)

  19. this my code :


  20. Thanx Danil,

    i verified in Chrome and IE11 and i found 100% of scale, but the problem persist.
  21. Hi,
    Firstly I?m new in, my GridPanel waste lot of width space to showing fully data in a column , for example to show the column data fully in ?Pointage Debut? (see image below).

    I work...
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