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  1. Thanks Fabrico,

    Works well on Chrome...
    I will have a look for third party options to allow for other browsers

  2. Thanks Geoffrey...

  3. Is there currently a way of reducing the width of a scrollbar within a gridpanel?
  4. Thanks Geoffrey,

    Just got a chance to check your comments....
    I added to the page :
    .x-tab-close-btn {
    font-size: 14px !important;
    font-size: 0 !important;
  5. Thanks Geoffrey,

    results of refreshing Page in Developer tools === Network

    examples.css produces 404 (2 times)

    Screen Captures attached.

  6. Version 4.8.1, VS2015 using CRISP Theme
    Using a dynamic closable TabPanel

    The rendering is showing a faint image on top of the close icon...Refer Image attached
    The Browser is Chrome (Version...
  7. In the process of moving to version 3.2 from version 1.7.

    in javascript, Ext.getCmp both getValue() and setValue() do not work

    What is required to set/get the value of a textField in V3.2
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