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  1. Thank you very much Vladimir!

    It seems to work now. The only thing I needed to add was a manual AutoSize (if Chart is too small, fit it to the actual window height + adjust the width to the...
  2. Hi Baidaly,

    it includes field definitions and field sizes. The usual Microsoft stuff as a result of a returned DataTable.
    The XML itself looks fine.


  3. No idea, guys?
  4. Hi guys,

    This is funny: I use version Ext.Net 2.1, developed a simple Report containing a Chart. I set the Height in the code behind depending on the amount of records returned. The vertical...
  5. Forgive me, it's 45 degrees today :))

    Found it. Both ways are working but which one is the better one? in TopBar or into the Content?


  6. Hi guys,

    I have a UserControl, were is nothing more in than a ext:toolbar item and a little bit of code which shows or hides button etc.

    I tried to implement it into a Panel within a TabPanel...
  7. Thank you Erice, that really helped. I had any idea but not that... ouch...

    If some is interested in, here's a working solution with and without DirectEvent from code behind:

    1. Place the call...
  8. C'mon guys. My boss is already annoying me. No tips or hints?


  9. Hi guys,

    I walked through the whole forum, but didn't find a solution to a simple problem: how to get the selected menuitem?
    Here's what I tried until now:

    The basic menu
  10. Hi guys,

    I have an error a little bit similar to this thread:
    Only that it isn't a calendar.

    I have a user...
  11. It's still thrown. Example is a bit difficult because of the environment. Would the solution I send you per e-mail work for you?


  12. Hi Geoff,

    in the meantime I have the following:
    - inline code, wrapped in "<% %>", isn't parsed any more
    - I have an DevExpress Menu in the MasterPage
    - The error is, as seen above, thrown in...
  13. Hi Geoffrey,

    I tried it without Parameter and got the same error:

    It seems that doesn't contain any declared methods from the code. Only if defined and called within the...
  14. Hi guys,

    this problem drives me mad (Ext.Net v1.3):

    I have a TriggerField, which calls the Sub JobNumber_Search() without any problems. All good, all parameters passed (it is only one and...
  15. Geoffrey,

    I got this exception:

    Maybe it gives you an idea in the meantime ;)

  16. Hi Geoffrey,

    let's see, if I can prepare a sample. Will be back soon (tomorrow).


  17. Thank you very much, Vladimir.

    I already found the article, but it doesn't solve the problem. As you can see in the code snippet, There's no Layout property defined.
    That's what confuses me.
  18. C'mon guys. Nothing? Haven't found anything in the forums which could solve that problem.


  19. Hi guys,

    I have a funny problem. I'm upgrading a program from Ext.Net 1.3 to 2.0.0. It worked with 1.3 but in 2.0 I get the error

    It's an ext.Net panel with a asp-table in the content...
  20. Hi guys,

    is there a 2.0 example of that: ?

    How can I print out properly a control like e.g. a GridPanel from a page where...
  21. Hi guys,

    a Print Engine where I can print out a GridPanel etc. without limitations, like height etc., should be implemented soon.

    All samples regarding to that not very useful. When copying a...
  22. Hi Geoffrey,

    no hint for me? I already searched the forums but nothing like that. Is there a possibility to put it into another event from the Grid?


  23. Hi Geoffrey,

    all examples are with Message-boxes, which are not really helpful. Sometimes I need a call to a method to make some background processing in VB.Net or C#.
    For example: creating a...
  24. Hi guys,

    I have a quite simple problem. I just call a JS function like that{success: function (result) {Ext.Msg.alert('test value', result);}});

    But how can I use the...
  25. Hi guys,

    I can't open a collapsed GridPanel within a ViewPort.

    If I remove the ViewPort, it works with

    <BeforeExpand Handler="this.expand();" Single="true" />...
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