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  1. Can we sort a Template column? I have a Template column with a custom tpl and it does not seem to be sortable. Is the resolution to use a regular column and a renderer?
  2. Create a column with dataindex="Id" and make it visible=false. It must exist.
    Then give each column an id value. make sure the one for the id matches the one u exclude in the xsl
  3. Hi.
    I dont have the time to write a full code answer (and test it for you) for you but the simple answer is as such. yes this is possible.
    Excel.xsl uses XSL language specification. The for-each...
  4. Support,

    you can close this. i implemented a very simple solution.

    I created a second store "RenderStore." On load of the original store, i make a by value copy to my render store. Now, i can...
  5. I dont think i want a separate store per row. We have have hundreds of rows and each combo can be 1000-2000 elements. dynamic bind seems the solution. Do you have a working example of such? If not,...
  6. Support,

    see the code behind that adding a column to a grid. there are 40-50 rows. Notice how we assign Store1 one. Now assume each row has a different value.

    The problem is that i want to mark...
  7. close.
  8. we had ONE node without a NodeID attribute. Therefore, all calls to getNodeById("") returned that node. That one node allowed this issue to propagate since we did already have null check.
  9. also,

    var node = App.TreeStore1.getNodeById("");

    seems to always return something when it should return null.
  10. So we are actually doing this in code behind. For the purposes of a standalone test case, i re-wrote it in JS only so it would be easier for you to test.
    To work around the problem, we now do a...
  11. Support,

    So this is a really nasty bug. Took a while to track it down and reproduce but the problem is that the Remove function isnt actually removing the Nodes from the TreeStore. It only fails...
  12. Create a viewport (after the resource manager line) using fitlayout.

    then add the window right after the viewport using a VBoxLayout.

    Inside my window, i then tossed a FormPanel and then added...
  13. you need to use code tags so your example is readable!!

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>
    <%@ Register Assembly="Ext.Net" Namespace="Ext.Net" TagPrefix="ext" %>

    <script runat="server">...
  14. I just tried to change the order and it made no difference.

    as a side note, in my "production" version, i ALSO added SHOW listener on the Window. Then i tried to check it from the handler so that...
  15. If you want some help, i would suggest you post a standalone example (very short example) of the issue so someone can help you
  16. Support,

    I am having trouble a something very simple. I want to check the BBBB box every time i show the Window. I used the setValue function and i cannot get it to work at all. per docs...
  17. ok. thanks for that
  18. Support,

    In any navigation menu, you can click the same link more than one. So in our app, the links open a tab. So it is common practice to close the tab and then maybe reopen it.

    Set the...
  19. Support,

    How can I add a 250 millisecond delay so if they hold down the F button, we only focus once.


    <ext:KeyMap runat="server" Target="={Ext.isGecko ? Ext.getDoc() :...
  20. Works
  21. resolved by

    -ms-hyphens: none !important;
    -webkit-hyphens: none !important;
    -moz-hyphens: none !important;
    word-break: keep-all...
  22. Support,

    In this simple example, IE (Edge) fails to properly wrap the text in the display field. The word "SuperDuper" is cut in half. If we test the same thing on Chrome, it works perfectly.
  23. Support,

    pls review example:

    set micro AND nav mode.

    then move over users and click "Tagged"

    in NAV mode, i expect than when i navigate...
  24. awesome!
  25. Support,

    see attached function


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