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  1. Hi all,
    I need to customize a 'Line Chart - Basic line' inserting colored areas in the background as in the attached image:


    Is there a simple solution for this?

    Many thanks in advance...
  2. in Ext.Net 4.0 I need to have a GridPanel like this:


    I would like to have a column that show a progress bar only for some cells.

    Actually I have this situation:

  3. Hello!
    I have a problem with my application: only on some users' PC (with Windows 10) if a gridpanel have many columns, the horizontal scrollbar does not appear (for example with Edge browser) or is...
  4. Hi all!
    In this example:

    When the gridpanel page size is changed, I see that the store is reload and the method:
    private void...
  5. Hello Fabricio!
    It's perfect for me!

    Thank's again!

  6. Hi Fabricio,
    is it possibile to allow the user resize manually (only vertically resize) both the grid?
    I would like that when resize for example the first one, the second one resize togheter.
  7. Thank you!!
    I have used VBoxLayout with Flex and now it's ok!!
    You can close the thread!

  8. Hi guys!
    I have a question:
    I have two GridPanel inside a Panel with AnchorLayout, the first one with AnchorVertical 60 and the second one with Anchor Vertical 40.
    I would like that when I...
  9. Thanks Fabricio!
    Your "Simple" solution works fine for me!! :)
    You can mark as closed

  10. Hi!
    I have a little problem with checkbox selection model.
    In the example:

    I tried to check four row:

  11. Hi Fabricio,
    thank you for your solution and the example.
    It work perfectly for me!!
    Sorry if I have forgotten the in my example!!
    You can mark the thread as closed.

  12. Hi Fabricio,
    the typo was just here in the post :)
    I create a runnable example:


    <%@ Page Title="" Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="EventiTest.aspx.cs"
  13. Hi!
    I have a problem with modelField date type in gridPanel.
    I would like show my date in this format:

    dd/MM/YYYY hh:mm:ss (for example 01/12/2014 10:36:44)

    My implementation is:
  14. Hello Fabricio!

    Thank you for the explanation!
  15. Ops I apologize for the trouble.... I found the error in my code:

    instead of:

    pannello.setWidth = 920;

  16. Hi,
    I would like to change panel width size from javascript.
    Here my code but don't work:

    Javascript code:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    var ExtraExpandMAP = function (pannello) {
  17. I found the solution and I want share it with the community:


    <script type="text/javascript">
    var ChangevLivUrgenzaColorMetaData = function (value, metaData) {

  18. Now I have try this:

    <ext:Column ID="ColumnSTATO_VEICOLO" runat="server" Width="105" Text="Stato veicolo" DataIndex="STATO_VEICOLO">
    <Renderer Handler="return Ext.String.format('<div...
  19. Hi!
    I have a little problem.
    I would fully color a grid panel cell; I have tried with render:

    <ext:Column ID="ColumnSTATO_VEICOLO" runat="server" Width="105" Text="Stato veicolo"...
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