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  1. Could you tell me what is waiting time for the resolution,

    You can subscribe to the issue in GitHub to receive notifications and follow along with the progress of fixing the bug. Currently, the...
  2. We took a look at this and we're pretty sure this is not a bug. Do you have something like the following in the application .css file?

    body {
    font-size: 14px !important;

    We think...
  3. We are now able to reproduce the issue locally. We are investigating.
  4. Thanks for the report. I wasn't able to reproduce the issue on my first try, but a couple of us will take another look and see if we figure out how to reproduce.

    When you view your sample...
  5. Hi. The following Accesibility Guide might help provide some assistance:
  6. Hi Jimmy,

    Exporting to Excel is not built-in functionality of Ext.NET. I believe in the sample you linked to we are just using XSL to transform the data into .csv format. The XSL could be...
  7. We are working on single developer licensing option, although we do not have any additional details at this time.

    The Sencha Ext JS Community Edition is a terrible model and poorly implemented. I...
  8. Your forum account was upgraded to a Premium Member and this thread was moved into the Premium forum.

    We are reviewing the thread now and will provide a response soon regarding your DirectMethod...
  9. Thanks for providing a sample to reproduce the problem. We are investigating.

    I believe the issue is related to the DOM objects for the Window and Checkbox elements not being available at the...
  10. Can you provide more explanation? Do you want to display the font size and family values somewhere?

    The sample you provided does not seem to do anything. What specifically should we be looking at...
  11. Cloning the Examples Explorer locally, then doing a search through the source code (Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code) may help uncover instances where specific code scenarios are used, such as...
  12. Ha, yes, it's called Ext.NET. Best we can suggest is to take a look at the extjs script generated by Ext.NET. The finished extjs rendered to the page by Ext.NET should be exactly (or close to) what...
  13. Is there a JavaScript error in the browser Console?
  14. Hi jenna,

    Upgrading from Ext.NET 1.x to 2.x is going to be about the same amount of work as upgrading from 1.x to 4.x.

    Almost all the breaking changes occurred in the Ext.NET 2.0 release....
  15. Hi. Try running the css with the !important modifier to the statement.

    .x-boundlist-item {
    padding: 0px !important;

    Hope this helps.
  16. Hi. I found the following notes in the breaking changes document that should help solve the issue:

    185. The...
  17. Hello. Support for the asp:UpdatePanel was dropped a long time ago. Any Ext.NET components inside an UpdatePanel are likely to not function as expected. Unfortunately, there's nothing we're going to...
  18. Looks like the issue occurred in some custom JavaScript being executed within the clients' app. The user @moldaschi will provide an update.

    Closing this issue, although will re-open in the future...
  19. Hi @Caleb.

    I'd also agree with Fabricio that the Ext.NET book is almost all still relevant. For the most part, I'd say all code samples in the book would still work "as is" in Ext.NET 4.x. Of...
  20. Hello,

    There are many factors that might be affecting this. Without being able to run a sample locally we won't be able to offer many concrete tips on how to improve.

    How much data is being...
  21. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the comment and question.

    I'm not going to defend how IDERA handled the transition, but I respect their decisions and agree that some degree of house cleaning was necessary....

    You can contact the original author of the extension and request a fix.
  23. Hi. After the transaction cleared, it appears the license key was sent to Teresa as they were listed as the licensing contact in the original order.

    I have also just sent the license key to you,...
  24. Hello,

    Can you try adding to <Html>.

  25. We added a new sample that might deal with the scenario you decribe.

    Hope this helps.
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