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  1. Hi Daniil
    Thanks for the explanation., and I will give it a try and base it on the example from Mimisss...
  2. Hi!
    I want to start using the Calendar.
    My idea is that I will store all data in my database.

    The problem I have is that I can not find a similar example to start working from, and I can not...
  3. Thanks Daniil
    Works fine! I was stuck trying Tags.Add() with no success.

    Case closed :)
  4. Hi
    Here comes probably a too simple question, but still I can not get it to work when trying to set a tag from Codebehind.

    <ext:TagField runat="server" ID ="tagTo" Width="300px"...
  5. Hi, back from holidays!

    Thanks both for the replies! I have got it working :)

    Best regards
  6. Hi
    I am new to and prefer using c# code behind as much as possible.

    My Desktop has a user control window.
    From my user control I open a new Window loaded from a new aspx-page called...
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