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  1. Hi Fabrício,

    thanks for your solution.

  2. Hello support team,
    please take a look at this Chrome 87 Bug:

  3. Hello,
    have you already seen the following cosmetic layout problem in the Example-Page "Scrollable Tabs with TabScrollerMenu Plugin"?


    And when a tab is activated, it creates a...
  4. Hi Fabrício,

    no, so far we haven't noticed any negative side effects while rendering twice the property Hidden.
    Both registered entries of Hidden in the ConfigOptions obtain their value from the...
  5. Hi,

    I've noticed that the property Hidden is rendered twice. You can easily test this when opening the WebForms based Ext.NET example page Window/Basic/Show.

    The rendered code for the hidden...
  6. Hi Fabrício,

    thanks for your time to investigate our solution. It should be understood as a proposal to overcome with the two interfering property definitions.

    But you are completely right,...
  7. Hi Fabrício,

    thanks for logging our feature request. I am looking forward to hear from you and the team.

  8. Hi Fabrício,

    thanks for your suggestion; unfortunately the explicit cast doesn't help. The same exception is raised.

    The problem is not the type of the assigned value (bool or bool?). If you...
  9. Hi,

    we build the Ext.NET library in Visual Studio 2015 and with TeamCity in conjunction with MSBuild from scratch.

    For our own projects we treat all compiler warnings as errors as in the past...
  10. Hi,

    we are currently upgrading our web application from using Ext.NET 3.2 to version 4.1. We have found an issue when setting the Column(Base).Resizable property in an AJAX request. When doing so,...
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