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  1. Hi
    Ignore my last post. I found a solution that uses the readonly flag, it fits my needs better.
    Here is a simple example of how I did for making the background gray for readonly fields.

  2. Hi!
    That helped a lot, thank you. I'm using the Nepute theme, if that is any help.
    I'm trying to style the fields like this (see pictures) when they are disabled using this style.
    But I can't get...
  3. Hi
    I would like to change the background color of text-fields and combo-fields when they are set to readonly. So that the user can distinguish them from the editable ones. I have tried to disable...
  4. Hi
    Its works perfectly! I also deleted the Ext.defer, there seems to be no need for it.

  5. Hello
    Here is a test case based on one of you Examples. I did not paste the CodeBehind since its the same as the original example "Grid with batch saving", found here:...
  6. Hi
    I have problem deleting newly added rows in a GridPanel. It works great to add row and the delete works if I manually click the row then delete it.
    But it does not work by clicking the "Delete"...
  7. Hi
    Thanks for a very detailed answer, it works great.

  8. Hi
    I have a gridpanel that I set one selected row in on Page_Load.
    This row some times needs to be scrolled to, to be visible, this I canĀ“t get to work.
    I have tried with FocusRow() which works if...
  9. Hi
    Thanks for your reply, Ill try that.

  10. Hi
    What is best practice for running a function asynchronous that takes a really long time, maybe 30-60min.
    It does not need to return anything when it finish, but the process needs to run from the...
  11. Hi
    That worked perfectly, thanks a lot!

  12. Hi
    I have a DropDownField that shows a gridpanel with a id and a text. The dropdownfield has a start value which I select in the gridpanel (this works) by this code: ...
  13. Hi
    This works, thanks for you input!

  14. Hi
    Thank you for finding a solution.
    But if I use a left bar then I can't fit my content on a phone. When I set Vertical="true" for the ToolBar the items in it are stacked on top of each other,...
  15. Hi
    To bad the toolbar position is not working, let me know if you manage to find something to make it work.
    Thanks for you input!

  16. Hi
    Sure, here comes a test case, also the BodyPaddingSummary is not updating when resizing the window.

    <%@ Page Language="C#" %>

    <head runat="server">
  17. Hi
    I have problem with a toolbar that I want to be vertical when tall and horizontal when wide. But the change does not apply when the screen goes from wide to tall, I have to reload the page for...
  18. Great input, thanks! That row was from the old code, and was something one of you gurus (maybe Vladimir) dug up for me many years ago.
    I made the change to the code and it works great!

  19. Thank you again for a very good explanation. I have used Ext a long time, (since Coolite) and was under the impression that DirectMethods where faster than DirectEvents, maybe the where before. I...
  20. Hi
    I manage to solve how to get the property pageIndex from the PagingToolbar, instead of getting it server side I got it from the client and then passed it to the server (DirectEvent).

  21. Hi
    Thank you for the explanation, I understand what you mean.
    I have, in my projects, made a lot of DirectMethods that read propertys of various ext: components. Does this mean that my approach is...
  22. Hi
    I have found sort of an old bug coming back in this version, the checkbox is always true, in the direct event. Before the values where inversed, I can solve it with Delay=1. But maybe you should...
  23. Thanks, that worked great!

    You can close this thread now.

  24. Hi
    I can't implement this because in this case there is only one row, so the index of the datasource will be the same as pageIndex. I my case I have a Grid with several rows, so one page contains x...
  25. Yes It worked great!
    You can close this, thank you.

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