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  1. Hello
    you are right in many points above ( and you will not beleieve how many times I went through this thread in last week :-))

    Now I have mobile (technically javascript of course)...
  2. OK, my face become bit red - so silly mistake, thanks for pointing out

    But - we are getting to the final question. I took a lesson from your "sample approach" and hopefully this is how you can...
  3. Hello
    thanks for sample

    NOte that whole purpose of the bit longer sample was to introduce oyu what I'm trying to achieve ( in relation with parallel thread about native applications), I sent you...
  4. Ok, let's forget about two applications, maybe I oversaw something silly

    II have complete application, unfortuantelly your forum uploader is saying me

    Basically I have two methods like

  5. Ok
    Let's stick to the original thread topic - native apps, I will create separate threads to other areas if necessary

    So ok - I can take mobile scripts css and images ( as premium user)...
  6. Ok, thanks for tips

    just note that purpose of this is not to host this app on servers
    purpose is ability to have the application native ( either translated using cordoba and/or sencha...
  7. Hello

    I'm trying to create kind of prototype with Ext.Net.Mobile, that could be patched to native application.
    Not sure how many things could be done in easier way and how many license conditions...
  8. Ok - for test case you need two (same) applications and two cookie domains
    let's say

    then in first application change...
  9. Hello
    Sure my last post is above scope of this and more threads will come - but ok - let's try to get this answered first

    So is there a way how to send additional cookie ( as a cookie not as a...
  10. OK
    probably there is easier soution to that

    [b]EDIT: Original post moved to new thread under: Tying a Ext.NET Mobile application to an Ext.NET application
  11. OK
    probably there is easier soution to that
    So I have one big application written in last years using and now I'm starting to write small application usine Ext.Mobile. I would like to have...
  12. Well - that something else I would say - for example for Formsauthentication - cookie must be present already before it touch any handler
  13. OK
    is there a chance to add cookie to direct method request?

    (basically I want to read cookies from one domain and send those to another domain)

  14. Hello
    Navigation View server control does not seems to exists

    I solved it by adding

    public class MyNavigationView : Container
  15. Hello

    Is there a way how to add additional cookie to direct method call?

    And how to read Cookies ? Ext.util.Cookies is not present

  16. Hello

    how to set kind of Loading mask over the container?
    I found .setMasked method, but that one does not allow to display text

    I need something like that, but with "Loading..." text inside
  17. "forcing users" is usually not a solution in our case :-)

    anyway , I solved loading of data by

    var store =;
    var proxy = store.proxy;

    var directMethod = proxy.directFn;
  18. Hello

    Local Paging with remote data does not work because in this grid is supposed to be a lot of records (like thosands)
    user will be warned if he will try to export all of them, but typically...
  19. Hello

    Let's start with this example as it is

    now I would like to add button that would execute Ajax ( diret) request and...
  20. OK
    So if I start with your samples, there are following problems

    if I take this xml

  21. Hello

    We are trying to rewrite one of our very old backed application using Ext UI frontend
    Now the problem is that old backend communicate only in XML


    on input of the form editing...
  22. OK, glad to here that this thread is not forgotten :-)

    Yes I mean exactly that.
    I checked in detail and I can copy text in IE (11), but not in chrome or FF

    does it work for you in any of these...
  23. Hello

    Any reply here?

  24. Hello

    1) can you please tell me what stops you from reproducing based on sample I sent? What you want me to simplify, what control is missing or so?
    if you are looking for complete aspx page,...
  25. Hello
    I will narrow down my requirement a little, adding a sample

    I have following control

    public class CompanyPickerControl : FieldContainer, INamingContainer
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