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  1. Hello @Dennis!

    Cycle through the selected records the way you probably already know, and set the record fields' to the new value you want.

    If you are not sure how to go thru the records, it...
  2. Hello @Dennis!

    Thanks for the test case, but I have two points before we get down to it:

    1. it looks pretty extensive for just a grid panel with a column having a mapped "status" value that we...
  3. Hello @Vamsi!

    As we pointed above, you should be able to run desktop applications from the web browser. But that's beyond Ext.NET scope. It can run any javascript you can bind to the desktop...
  4. Hello @Vamsi!

    It seems drag and drop in desktop worked back in Ext.NET 2 but no longer worked as Ext.NET 3 was tested against that feature. And the lack of support to drag-drop was lost since...
  5. Hello @Vamsi!

    We have logged the issue in github under #1822, and will post a follow-up as soon as we have this merged and ready for the next Ext.NET release.

    Meanwhile, you can work this issue...
  6. Hello @Dennis!

    Cycle through the selected records the way you probably already know, and set the record fields' to the new value you want.

    The new values should be reflected to the grid once...
  7. Hello @Dennis, and thanks for the test case!

    First I will point each issue you had with a possible way to address it, then I will post a suggestion of how your example could look like with these...
  8. Hello @lu7jm!

    Maybe I don't understand your question but, grid panel features can only be triggered as a whole in such components, not per-column.

    We have recenlty dealt with an issue with the...
  9. Hello @Vamsi!

    It seems issue #1488 made this fix we already had for the desktop take place again.

    We have logged then issue #1820 to track and fix it again in Ext.NET.

    In the time being, to...
  10. Hello again, @Vamsi!

    I have given it a better look and found it is not supported in the Desktop component. Docking the taskbar to anything not bottom is simply not developed by the client-side...
  11. Hello @Vamsi!

    Do you want to run local machine applications from the web browser?

    If so, you should implement a client-side function. That's not really a topic Ext.NET touches, but you can...
  12. Hello @Vamsi!

    Use the Desktop Taskbar's Dock setting.

    <TaskBar Dock="Top">

    Hope this helps!
  13. Glad it helped, thanks for the feedback!
  14. Hello @Vamsi!

    This example has the funcionality you're asking about:

    - Getting Started > Component Overview - Ext.NET 5 Examples Explorer.

    If you want to fiddle with source code you can...
  15. Hello again, Alex!

    I believe the issue you had initially in the event code you written was that the reference to window.event.keyCode reference was not really matching the quotes.

    If you make...
  16. Hello Alex!

    Can you confirm that, always, when you move away from the field, any bad input character gets removed from the field?

    That is in the affected browser, Firefox. I could reproduce the...
  17. Hello again, @lbrohan!

    As you didn't provide any code sample we went with a generic approach so it was probably not really close to the scenario you faced. Providing test cases in such scenarios,...
  18. Hello Alex Luna!

    I have just tried here your example, enabled a keyboard layout with said "dead keys" (quotes can be used for á, ä, and ç) and even without any event in the NumberField, I couldn't...
  19. Hello Alex!

    Have you tried return false from the handler function?

    Hope this helps!
  20. Hello @lbrohan!

    You actually have a good point in using the tree panel. But as you noted, the arrows (actually, plus/minus) signs stick to the left.

    But this is all a matter of setting up the...
  21. Hello @lbrohan!

    Just to be clear, notice this will not necessarily work in Ext.NET 7 the exact way it does in Ext.NET 5 MVC, for a number of reasons we just can't foresee at this point. But there...
  22. Hello @lbrohan!

    I am not sure I understand your question, the whole idea behind partial views is to be able to compose a page over several views, not just one. Can you elaborate on it?

    If that...
  23. Hello @Ibrohan, and welcome to Ext.NET forums!

    I believe what's closes to the approach you need would be the so-called Partial Views.

    Basically it does what you want: you create a "partial...
  24. Hello, @Dennis!

    We got a grid panel section with saving variations that takes data straight to a MS-SQL server, and that's probably more than what you need to see how to persist Ext.NET data in...
  25. Hello @Kerry, and welcome to Ext.NET Forums!

    Have you acquired an Ext.NET 5 license? Ext.NET 4.x (and below) license keys should not work with Ext.NET 5.

    If you do have acquired an Ext.NET 5...
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