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  1. Hello @fabricio.murta!

    I can confirm that this workaround is working well.

    As for the component being rebuilt every time, for me there is no need for it to be reverted. It works as is. My main...
  2. Hello,

    I have a TreePanel whose nodes are generated dynamically from code-behind. There is a ComponentColumn which contains a NumberField. Based on a specific condition a NumberField is generated...
  3. Hello again,

    I decided to skip getting the HTML from the code-behind and pass it directly to the method through JavaScript. However I faced a problem with passing an HTML string to code-behind, as...
  4. Hello,

    I have a Panel where I set the HTML dynamically from code behind on the click of a button. Through another event I want to get the HTML, however the HTML attribute is always empty.
  5. Hello, @fabricio.murta

    Thank you for your help.

    Style="position:absolute; top:4px; right:0px" did the trick for positioning the ImageCommand.

    As for the text behind it, I tweaked the...
  6. hello there,
    I have a gridpanel and i have imagecommand.
    the problem is when i have a long row, the imagebutton is pushed on another line.
    i want it to remain at the same position and the goes...
  7. I agree and the difference is already noticed. I have successfully updated to 3.1. It turns out the I had the wrong target build for Ext; .NET 4.5 is targeted by default, whereas I am targeting 4.0....
  8. Glad to help!
  9. Thank you, Daniil.

    It worked perfectly. This thread can now be closed.
  10. Hi @maurox,

    When you use a Master Page, controls have the ContentPlaceHolderID appended to them. Thus they become ContentPlaceHolderID_ControlId

    Check the sample below:

  11. I updated the Ext trunk from svn, and have built the project with .dll file version

    I am using .NET framework 4.0, and when I try to build the solution, I get the following build...
  12. Hi, @RCN.

    I'm currently on the base EXT 3.0. Will update to the latest revision and test accordingly.

    However, there are some difficulties in the update as I can't get the build to work on...
  13. There is a Grid that contains a RowEditor and RowExpander.

    When the RowExpander is present, the RowEditor does not function, and an error is thrown: "Cannot read property 'lockedGrid' of...
  14. Hello.

    If there is a Panel and a GridPanel, both of them inside a FormPanel, and the GridPanel has a GroupingSummary while the Panel has Layout="ColumnLayout", the Grid breaks when a group is...
  15. Thanks for your assistance.

    You can close the thread.
  16. In previous versions, the resource was always declared with an ID and runat="server"


    <ext:ResourceManager runat="server" ID="resourceManager">

  17. Thank you Raphael.

    This thread can be closed.
  18. Thank you @RCN, that was exactly the problem, the column ID was duplicated.

    Strangely, it was working before we migrated to EXT 3.0.

    As for the data, that's true it was just dummy data.
  19. Hello.

    I have a Grid that contains a RowExpander.

    The RowExpander opens a Grid and a TextField, which are built in code-behind.

    When the Grid is expanded, a JavaScript exception is thrown:...
  20. the following code shows me an error that HeaderItems is no more defined in Ext.Net.CommandColumn.
    is there an alternative in 3.0 ??

    Ext.Net.CommandColumn commandClnEdit = new...
  21. is DrawText deprecated in 3.0?
    if so what to use as alternative?

    thank you
  22. It seems that there was another function that was executing which caused the value to return to its original.

    A simple Delay="1" on the event made it work.

  23. I am using the following code to change the value in the input field on store load

    var onload = function (store) {
    if (store.count() == 0) {
  24. Hi,

    I am using a Paging Toolbar to manage paging for a grid.

    When the grid is empty, the the toolbar shows "Page 1 of 0".

    Is it possible to manage it in a way to either show "Page 0 of 0"...
  25. hello there,
    i would like to have a barchart that shows the lifespan of different unrelated points as in the uploaded picture.

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